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This conference/workshop is meant to be a celebration of all those who love mathematics not as a job but as art, with the aesthetics attached, those who mostly do it for the pleasure. The meeting is by invitation only and a talk is not necessary, though very welcome. The program will be constructed following proposals of presentations which can be either 30 or 45 minutes. As there will be no parallel sessions, not all of the (some) fourty participants are expected to speak. The subject matter is wide open, but given the title of the conference, proofs from the book and very beautiful problems are solicited (it need not be the speaker's work). It would also be good to revive the old tradition of a problem session – if you have a nice open problem you would like to present, a LaTeX file describing it would help. A list of abstracts and of open problems should be made available on the first day of the meeting, with the obvious consequence that they should be submitted at the latest a week before the beginning, that is, 2 October 2017. Needless to say, the sooner we have the titles and lengths desired, the easier it will be to produce a schedule (and say that no more are accepted). We will try not to fill the days with talks so as to leave time for discussion.

All correspondence should go to bdm-bmd@iro.umontreal.ca.

Montreal based students are welcome to come to the lectures without registering.

Anyone not registered for BDM who would like to come to the banquet must inform the organisers as soon as possible to know if there is room. The cost is $85.00 cash, to be paid to the organisers.

Important note : While the CRM supports the conference, we cannot provide any financial support. Therefore there is a $110 registration fee.