Sessions et exposés

(1) Discrete, continuous and ultradiscrete Painlevé equations
Conférenciers: Masakata Kanki, Université de Kansai, Nobutaka Nakazono, University of Sydney Yang Shi, University of Sydney

(2) Orthogonal polynomials, special functions and their relation to discrete integrable systems and their elliptic analogs.
Conférenciers: Fokko van de Bult, Deift University of Technology, Vincent Genest, MIT

(3) Integrability criteria for single and multivariable difference equations and differential difference equations.
Conférencier: Giorgio Gubbiotti, Roma Tre University

(4) Discrete differential geometry.
Conférencier: Ulrike Bucking, Technische Universität Berlin

(5) Discrete integrable systems and isomonodromy transformations. Yang-Baxter maps and quantum discrete integrable systems.
Conférenciers: Sotiris Konstantinou-Rizos, University of Leeds, Deniz Bilman, University of Michigan

(6) Continuous symmetries of discrete equations. Structure preserving discretization of differential equations and numerical methods.
Conférenciers: Alexander Bihlo, Memorial University, Francis Valiquette, State University of New York at New Paltz

(7) Cluster algebras and discrete integrable systems. Dynamics on graphs and combinatorics
Conférencier: Max Glick, University of Minnesota, Dylan Rupel, Notre Dame University

(8) Difference Galois theory
Conférencier: Julien Roques, Université Grenoble 1

(9) Lattices and Symmetries in Physical Applications
Conférencier: Milosz Panfil, Warsaw University