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Number theory has seen many important advances over the past decades and, in particular in the recent years. Its various branches of research, such as analytic number theory, arithmetic geometry, and the theory of automorphic forms, are intensely active and highly successful areas of research. This three-day meeting will focus on new directions of research in analytic number theory. The major themes of the conference will be: sieve methods, L-functions and automorphic forms, the theory of transcendental numbers and the application of analytic number theory to arithmetic questions. In the topics described above, the work of Ram Murty has been substantial and influential. The conference will take place around his 60th birthday, and also aims at honoring his many contributions to the field of analytic number theory.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:

• to introduce junior participants (graduate students and fresh PhDs) to active research areas and new research techniques in the field of number theory;

• to disseminate recent discoveries in the field of number theory to a diverse audience from different branches of the field;

• to inspire and stimulate research advances on major open problems in number theory.


A reception will be held at the end of the afternoon, Wednesday, October 16.

Professor Ram Murty will give a lecture on Friday, October 18, within the CRM-ISM Math Colloquium.