Centre de recherches mathématiques, Annual Report 1996-1997



The Bureau consists of members from the Université de Montréal (8 to 11 members) and from the outside (2 to 5 members). The rector of the Université and the dean of the Faculté des arts et des sciences are represented on the Bureau. Its role is to adopt the policies of the Centre, to recommend the nomination and the promotion of researchers and the appointment of regular members, to advise the director on the preparation of the budget and the Université on the choice of the director.
Bédard, Robert Dép. de math. et de stat., Univ.du Québec à Montréal
Goldstein, Martin Deputy Director, Centre derecherches mathématiques
Harnad, John Dép. de math. et de stat.,Concordia Univ.
Hubert, Joseph Vice-doyen à la recherche,Faculté des arts et des sciences
Hussin, Véronique Dép. de math. et de stat., Univ.de Montréal
Kamran, Niky Dép. de math. et de stat.,McGill Univ.
L'Écuyer, Pierre Dép. d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelle., Univ. de Montréal
Legendre, Pierre Dép. des sciences biologiques,Univ. de Montréal
Michaud, Georges Director, CERCA
Montmarquette, Claude Director, Dép. des sciences économiques, Univ. de Montréal
Moore, Marc Dép. de math. et de génieindustriel, École polytechnique de Montréal
Rousseau, Christiane Director, Dép. de math. et destat., Univ. de Montréal
St-Jacques, Maurice Vice-recteur à la recherche età la planification, Univ. de Montréal
Vinet, Luc Director, Centre de recherches mathématiques

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is constituted of distinguished researchers from Canada and abroad. Its members are either mathematicians or scientists with close ties to the mathematical sciences. The rector of the Université de Montréal or his representative and the director of the CRM also take part in the meetings. The Advisory Committee is informed periodically of the activities of the Centre, through the director, and transmits any advice that it deems relevant to the Bureau.
Dawson, Donald Dept. of Math. and Stat., Carleton Univ.
Fillmore, Peter A. Dalhousie Univ.
Goldstein, Martin Deputy Director, Centre derecherches mathématiques
Heinrich, Katherine Dept. of Math. and Stat.,Simon Fraser Univ.
Kahane, Jean-Pierre Univ. de Paris XI, France
Kisilevsky, Hershy Dept. of Math., ConcordiaUniv.
Lalonde, François Dép. de math. et d'informatique, Univ. du Québec à Montréal
Manin, Yuri Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Germany
Moody, Robert V. Dept. of Math., Univ. of Alberta
Moser, Jürgen K. Dept. of Math., E.T.H., Switzerland
Phong, Duong H. Dept. of Math., Columbia Univ.
Reid, Nancy Dept. of Stat., Univ. of Toronto
Vinet, Luc Director, Centre de recherchesmathématiques

CRM/Fields Committee

According to the guidelines which NSERC's Committee on Collaborative Special Projects (CCSP) sent to the CRM and the Fields Institute after the review of their last application in 1994, the mandate of the CRM-Fields Institute Coordinating Committee is the following:
(i) monitor the national impact of the CRM and the Fields Institute as research resources in the Mathematical Sciences and
(ii) monitor and facilitate the coordination of activities between the two centres.
The members of the CRM-FI Coordinating Committee are:
M. Boyer CIRANO, Montréal
H. Brunner Chair, Memorial Univ.
J.B. Friedlander Univ. of Toronto
P. Goddard Cambridge Univ., UK
M. Moore École Polytechnique, Montréal
D. Rolfsen Univ. of British Columbia
J. Slonim IBM Centre for Advanced Study, Toronto
J.G. Timourian Univ. of Alberta
H.C. Williams Univ. of Manitoba

Computer Facilities

The CRM offers to its members and visitors a Unix environment based on a SUN Sparc 1000 equipped with eight 50-Mhz processors and 384 Mb of memory. This computing power is distributed through the offices and common rooms via Sun stations (from Sparc 4, 5 and 10 to Ultra) and X-terminals. The software libraries include compilers (several C and C++, Fortran, etc.), symbolic manipulation programs (Mathematica, Maple and Macaulay), several text editors, web browsers, mail tools, and most utilities common to the mathematical world. Upgrades to TeX and its dialects are uploaded whenever they are released.

The CRM also has a Silicon Graphics Challenge L with six R4400 processors at 100 Mhz and 128 Mb of memory that was purchased through the NSERC grant of one of its research teams. Access to this server is limited to the members of the team or, upon request, to other members with numerical processing needs.

The local net is linked to the network of the Université de Montréal that maintains the connections with RISQ (Réseau interordinateurs scientifique québécois) and CA*net (the Canadian internet transit service).

The support staff works on Sun stations, on X-terminals or on Macintoshes tied to the Sun server for mail services and back-ups.

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