Centre de recherches mathématiques, Annual Report 1996-1997

Presenting the CRM

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) was created in 1969 by the Université de Montréal through a special grant from the NRC. It became an NSERC national research centre in 1984. It is currently funded by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council), by the Government of Québec through the Fonds FCAR pour l'aide et le soutien à la recherche and the Université de Montréal, and by private donations. The mission of the CRM is to do research in mathematics and closely related disciplines and to provide leadership in the development of the mathematical sciences in Canada.

The CRM accomplishes its mission in several ways. As part of its national mandate,

This national mandate is complemented by, and indeed supported by, a long standing vocation of promoting research in the Montréal area. Indeed the CRM

The CRM fulfils its national mission by involving the largest possible number of Canadian mathematicians in its scientific programs, both as participants and as organizers. It also supports many events taking place outside Montréal and the Province of Québec. It is recognized worldwide as one of the major institutes in the mathematical sciences. The director of the CRM is supported by two managerial structures: the Bureau and the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is a prestigious group of internationally renowned mathematicians, both Canadian and non-Canadian, who approve scientific programs and thematic years, choose recipients of the CRM-Fields and Aisenstadt prizes, and suggest new scientific ventures to explore. The president of the Canadian Mathematical Society is a member ex officio. This structure is augmented by the CRM-Fields committee that oversees the collaboration and coordination between the two institutes and assures the truly national role of both. The members are representatives of the Canadian scientific community.

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