Mathematical Physics Laboratory Members Faculty

John Harnad (Concordia)


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Concordia University
7146 Sherbrooke W.
Montreal, Qc H4B 1R6

Director of Mathematical Physics Laboratory,
Centre de recherches mathématiques
Université de Montréal C.P. 6128,
Succ. centre-ville
Montréal, Qc H3C 3J7

Contact information:

Email: harnad@CRM.UMONTREAL.CA
Phone: (514) 343-2491
URL: http://www.CRM.UMontreal.CA/~harnad

Areas of research:

Mathematical physics (Gauge theory, integrable systems, random matrices), differential geometric methods, group theoretic methods.

Graduate students:

Ferenc Balogh (Concordia) (PhD)
Olivier Marchal (UdeM, Paris) (PhD)

Postdoctoral fellows:

Iana Anguelova (Concordia, CRM)
Patrick Desrosiers (Concordia, CRM)
Seung Yeop Lee (UdeM, CRM)
Aleix Prats-Ferrer (UdeM, CRM)

Research Associates:

Visiting researchers:

Prof. Viktor Enolskii (Kiev, Ukraine) September - December 2007
Alexander Orlov (Moscow, Russia), October 24 - November 24 2007
Pavel Bleher (IUPUI), November 29 - December 1st 2007
Bertrand Eynard, (Saclay, France), February 2008
Alexander Its (IUPUI), June 2008, August 2008
Barry McCoy (SUNY, Stony Brook), June 29 - July 12 2008
Charles Newman (Courant Institute), August 4 2008

Selected recent publications