Laboratory of Mathematical Physics Members Postdoctoral Fellows 2003

Alexei Penskoi (Winternitz)


Postdoctoral Fellow,
Centre de Recherches Mathématiques,
Université de Montréal,
C.P.6128, Succ. Centre-ville,
Montréal (QC), H3C 3J7

Highest degree:

2001, Ph. D., Universite de Montreal

Contact information:


Areas of research:

Integrable systems, Applications of Lie groups in differential equations.

Selected recent publications:

Penskoi, A. V., Winternitz, P. Discrete matrix Riccati equations with superposition formulas. Submitted to J. Math. Anal. Appl. Preprint math-ph/0305053.

Penskoi, A. V. Canonically conjugate variables for the periodic Camassa-Holm equation. Preprint math-ph/0211048.

Penskoi, A. V., Veselov, A. P. Discrete Lagrangian systems on the Virasoro group and Camassa-Holm family. Nonlinearity 16 (2003), no.~2, 683--688. Preprint math-ph/0209037.

Penskoi, A. V. Lagrangian time-discretization of the Hunter-Saxton equation. Phys. Lett. A 304 (2002), no.~5-6, 157--167. MR~2003j:35283. Preprint math-ph/0201035.

Penskoi, A. V. Ordinary differential equations with superposition formulae, II: Parabolic subgroups of the symplectic group. J.~Phys.~A 35 (2002) 425--434.