Laboratoire de Mathématique Membres Professeurs permanents

Luc Vinet (McGill)


Provost and Vice Principal Academic
McGill University

Contact information:

        Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
        James Administration Building, Romm 504
        845 Sherbrooke Street West
        Montreal, Quebec
        H3A 2T5
        Phone: 514-398-4177
        Fax: 514-398-4768

Areas of research:

        Integrable systems, q-difference equations, special functions,
        supersymmetric quantum mechanics,

Selected recent publications:

J. Harnad, L. Vinet ,O. Yermolayeva O,"Two-dimensional Krall-Sheffer polynomials and integrable systems", J PHYS A-MATH GEN 34 (48): 10619-10625 DEC 7 2001

L. Vinet L, O. Yermolayeva O, A. Zhedanov, "A method to study the Krall and q-Krall polynomials", J COMPUT APPL MATH 133 (1-2): 647-656 AUG 1 2001

L. Vinet , A. Zhedanov, "Spectral transformations of the Laurent biorthogonal polynomials". II. Pastro polynomials, CAN MATH BULL 44 (3): 337-345 SEP 2001

L. Vinet, A. Zhedanov, "Spectral transformations of the Laurent biorthogonal polynomials". I. q-Appel polynomials, J COMPUT APPL MATH 131 (1-2): 253-266 JUN 1 2001

L. Vinet L, A. Zhedanov,"Generalized little q-Jacobi polynomials as eigensolutions of higher-order q-difference operators", Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 129 (5): 1317-1327 2001