Laboratoire de Physique Mathématique Membres Professeurs permanents

R. Langlands


Herman Weyl Professor
Institute for Advanced Study,

Contact information:

        School of Mathematics
        Institute for Advanced Study
        Einstein Drive
        Princeton NJ 08540
        Email: rpl@ias.edu
        Phone: +1 (609) 734-8117
        URL: http://www.math.ias.edu/Langlands.html

Selected recent publications:

Langlands RP, "The trace formula and its applications: An introduction to the work of James Arthur", CAN MATH BULL 44 (2): 160-209 JUN 2001

Langlands RP, Lewis MA, Saint-Aubin Y. "Universality and conformal invariance for the Ising model in domains with boundary", J STAT PHYS 98 (1-2): 131-244 JAN 2000