Laboratoire de Physique Mathématique Membres Professeurs permanents

Dimitri Korotkin (Concordia)


Associate Professor,
Dept. of Math. and Stat.
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Qc H4B 1R6

Contact information:

Email: korotkin@mathstat.concordia.ca
Phone: (514) 848-3245

Areas of research:

Mathematical physics.

Graduate students:

Vasilisa Shramchenko (PhD)
Maxim Samsonov(PhD)

Postdoctoral fellows:

G. Pusztai (co-support)

Research Associates:

Visiting researchers:

A.Kokotov, January-April, 2004
V.Matveev, February, 2003
A.Kapaev, January-April, 2003

Selected recent publications:

C.Klein, D.Korotkin, V.Shramchenko, "Ernst equation, Fay identities and variational formulas on algebraic curves", Mathematical Research Letters vol.9 No. 1 27-46 (2002)

A.Kokotov, D.Korotkin, "Tau-functions on Hurwitz spaces", math-ph/0202034, Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry (2004), to appear

A.Kokotov, D.Korotkin, "A new hierarchy of integrable systems associated to Hurwitz spaces", math-ph/0112051, Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society A (2004), to appear

A.Kokotov, D.Korotkin, "On G-function of Frobenius manifolds related to Hurwitz spaces" International Mathematics Research Notices, vol. 2004 No.5

7. D.Korotkin, "Solution of an arbitrary Riemann-Hilbert problem with quasi-permutation monodromy matrices", math-ph/0306061