Laboratoire de Physique Mathématique Membres Professeurs permanents

S. Twareque Ali (Concordia)


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Qc H4B 1R6

Contact information:

Email: stali@mathstat.concordia.ca
Phone: (514) 848-2424 Ext. 3237

Areas of research:

Wavelets, coherent states, Wigner functions, harmonic analysis.

Graduate students:

Renata Deptula (Doctoral)
Tamara Diaz Chang (Doctoral, co-supervising with V. Hussin)
Gilbert Honnouvo (Doctoral)

Postdoctoral fellows:

Kengatharam Thirulagasanthar (Aug. - Dec., 2003)

Research Associates:

Visiting researchers:

G. Cassinelli (Department of Physics, University of Genova, Italy, Sep. 8 - 22, 2003)
M. Englis (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Sep. 25 - Oct. 25, 2003)
Marie-Francoise Ouedraougo (University of Ougadougou, Burkina-Faso, April-May, 2004)

Selected recent publications:

A. Krasowska and S.T. Ali, "Wigner functions for a class of semi-direct product groups", J. Phys. A Vol. 36, 2801-2820 (2003).

T. Kengatharam and S.T. Ali, "A class of vector coherent states defined over matrix domains", J. Math. Phys. Vol. 44, to appear.

S.T. Ali, H. Fuehr and A. Krasowska, "Plancherel inversion as unified approach to wavelet transforms and Wigner functions", Annales H. Poincare, to appear.

S.T. Ali, J.-P. Antoine, R. Murenzi and P. Vandergheynst, "Two-Dimensional Wavelets and their Relatives", book to be published by Cambridge University Press.

S.T. Ali and M. Bertola, "Symplectic Geometry of the Wigner Transform on Noncompact Symmetric Spaces", to appear in the proceedings of the XXIV International Conference on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Paris, July 17-23, 2002.