2014-2015 CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellowships

CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellowships

Eligibility Requirements

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CRM-ISM Postdoctoral Fellowships

CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships are awarded to promising researchers who have recently obtained or expect to obtain a Ph.D. in the mathematical sciences. The fellowship offers an annual stipend of at least $40,000 CDN for one year, and is renewable for a second year. This is a research fellowship, allowing the recipient to devote all of his or her time to research under the supervision of a professor from one of the ISM member universities. If fellows wish to teach, they may request to be offered teaching assignments for which they will receive an additional salary.

Applications are welcome in all fields of research in which the CRM and the ISM are actively involved, namely: actuarial and financial mathematics, algebra and number theory, analysis, applied mathematics, category theory, combinatorics, geometry and topology, mathematical methods in medical imaging, mathematical physics, nonlinear dynamics, probability, quantum computing and statistics. The CRM's 2014-2015 thematic year will be on New Challenges in Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory. Several postdoctoral fellowships shall be awarded specially for these programs.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowship, researchers must have obtained a Ph.D. after December 1st, 2009. Priority will be given to candidates who have obtained their Ph.D. within 3 years.

Please note that while it is not an eligibility requirement, preference will be given to candidates who are not currently registered at one of the ISM member universities.


To apply for a CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowship, click on the "apply" button at the bottom of this page and submit the required documents electronically.

Required documents and information:
  • online application form
  • curriculum vitae (PDF format)
  • research project (PDF format)
  • the names of at least two (2) and at most five (5) people who know your work well and could write letters of recommendation in support of your application.
After submitting the online application form, a password will be sent to you by email allowing you to access and modify your dossier at any time.

The deadline for the CRM-ISM postdoctoral fellowships was December 13th at 4PM, 2013. You will still be able to access your dossier to check its status (see above) and change your documents.