Field Theory, Integrable Systems and Symmetries

PM021 210 pages ISBN 2-921120-29-1 1997

Faqir Khanna and Luc Vinet, editors

This book contains papers derived from lectures at the congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) held in Québec City from June 11 to June 16, 1995. The congress celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Association and was jointly sponsored by the American Physical Society, the Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica and CAP. The Centre de recherches mathématiques organized and supported the workshop on theoretical and mathematical physics held during the congress.

The volume contains 22 articles treating the major research topics in theoretical physics which were covered during the workshop: classical and quantum gravitation, quantum field theory, classical and quantum integrable systems, symmetry methods, etc.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • The Supersymmetric Two Boson Hierarchy
  • Statistical Mechanics and Black Hole Entropy
  • Quantizations of 2 + 1 Gravity on the Torus
  • Calculations of 1-Electron Energies of Multi-Electron Atoms Though Nonlinear Field Theory Methods
  • Renormalization Group Flow Equations in Quantum Gravity
  • Spectra of Conformal Field Theories with Current Algebras
  • Quasi-Exact Solvability in the Real Domain
  • The Structure of the Conservation Laws in Integrable Spin Chains
  • Quantal Modifications to the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation
  • A Unified Description of Collective States
  • Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Charged Black Holes in Generic 2-D Dilaton Gravity
  • Creation Operators for the Calogero–Sutherland Model
  • Some Results for the Ising Model in d Dimensions
  • Reduced SDYM and SDSYM Equations in E4 and E(2,2)
  • Interaction between the Edges in the v = 1/3 Quantum Hall Effect
  • Boundary Terms and Canonical Gauges in Generally Covariant Systems
  • Chiral Fermions Coupled to Chiral Gravity
  • Harmonic Maps in Dilaton Gravity
  • State Echo and Dynamical Manipulation
  • Non-Diagonal Singularity-Free Cosmological Solution
  • Measuring Gravitational Waves from Coalescing Compact Binaries: A Challenge for Theorists
  • The Teukolsky-Starobinsky Identities in the Reissner–Nordstrøm Solution

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