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Instructions to Authors CRM-AMS series[ français ]
If you are one of the authors of a book to appear in the CRM Monograph Series or the CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, use LaTeX or AMS-TeX if possible. You may obtain the style and other instructions directly from the AMS.

If you can not use the proper file style for these series, use standard style file (article or book in LaTeX; amsppt in AMS-TeX).

Please keep the following points in mind when preparing your files:

• Proofread your paper thoroughly and carefully.
• Style files contain commands to identify all the important features of mathematical papers and monographs; use these rather than commands defined by yourself.
• Do not redefine any plain TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, or AMS-LaTeX commands.
• Put definitions for frequently occurring phrases or mathematical expressions together in the preambule section, before the start of the text of the manuscript. Once a macro is created for an expression, you should use it for every occurrence of that expression.
• Use TeX coding for special fonts (e.g., boldface or italic) only within the text of the manuscript; do not use such coding for any headings or predefined environments, e.g., theorems, etc.
• Citations in the manuscript should be coded using \cite.
• Give the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification numbers representing the primary and secondary subjects of the work.
• Give information on grants or contracts under which the research was performed, including grant number.
• References should include all available information; use the abbreviations of journals and book series reviewed in Mathematical Reviews.
• The research address or institutional affiliation, current address (if different), and e-mail address of each author should be included.
• Do not use TeX coding to control line and page breaks. Lines and pages will break differently in the published paper from the way they break in the file you submit. If you insert TeX coding for page and line breaks, it will have to be removed for production. That work could offset any time saved by your keyboarding the manuscript, and any change to your TeX file creates a small possibility of additional errors being introduced.
• Likewise, avoid explicit horizontal and vertical spacing commands.

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Professor Alexandre Girouard girouard@crm.umontreal.ca, Deputy Director scientific activities.

Publications are an important component of the CRM's contribution to the dissemination of research in the mathematical sciences. The CRM has two long-standing series co-published with the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the CRM Monograph Series and the CRM Proceedings (formerly CRM Proceedings and Lectures Notes, recently included in Contemporary Mathematics). Springer publishes and distributes the CRM Series in Mathematical Physics, and a few titles from the CRM were included in its Lecture Notes in Statistics series. Although most of the books issued by the CRM are now to be found in these various series, the CRM also publishes and distributes, in French and in English, through Les Publications du CRM, monographs, proceedings, lecture notes, software and videos. In addition, the CRM occasionally takes part in projects with various publishers, and distributes preprints of the papers written by its researchers.