Problems 2019

Here are the problems that will be addressed during the workshop (with the institutions or companies within parentheses). Each title is followed by the name(s) of the coordinator(s) and the room assigned to the team.

  1. Improving a taxonomy through Natural Language Processing
    Philippe Langlais (Université de Montréal) Z-345 Presentation Work summary
  2. Adapting regulations for an automated reading system
    Jian-Yun Nie (Université de Montréal) Z-350 Presentation Work summary
  3. Constrained demand forecast (Air Canada)
    Fabian Bastin (Université de Montréal) Z-300 Presentation Work summary
  4. Flight Spill Detection (Air Canada)
    François Bellavance (HEC Montréal) Z-305 Presentation Work summary
  5. Optimizing the design of a loyalty program (Aeroplan, Air Canada)
    Margarida Carvalho (Université de Montréal) Z-310 Presentation Work summary
  6. Segmenting and smoothing territories in the context of non-life insurance (Desjardins GAG)
    Philippe Gagnon (Oxford and Université de Montréal) and Juliana Schulz (HEC Montréal) Z-317 Presentation Work summary
  7. Prioritizing abnormal situations automatically in the context of fraudulent claims (The Co-operators, Insurance and Financial Services)
    Anas Abdallah (McMaster) Z-315 Presentation Work summary
  8. Development of a mathematical framework to represent a 2D/3D smooth structure (National Research Council)
    Guy Wolf (Université de Montréal) Z-337 Presentation Work summary
  9. Automatically identifying patterns and novel behaviours in the radio-frequency environment at DRAO (National Research Council)
    Chris Budd (Bath) and Seth Siegel (McGill) Z-330 Presentation Work Summary