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2009 CRM-SSC Prize Recipient

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2009 CRM-SSC Prize Recipient
Hugh Chipman (Acadia) [ français ]

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The Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Statistical Society of Canada are pleased to award the 2009 CRM-SSC Prize to Professor Hugh Chipman, Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Acadia University, Wolfville, NS. Professor Chipman has made outstanding contributions to the application of Bayesian statistical inference for data analysis. His work on Bayesian variable selection in experimental design, on a Bayesian paradigm for nonparametric wavelet regression, and on a Bayesian approach to CART (Classification and Regression Tree) modeling is seminal. His papers are widely cited and have a profound impact on the development of computer intensive nonparametric data analysis. In 2006 his work was selected for a full oral presentation at the Neural Information and Processing Systems (NIPS) meeting.

The award is designed to recognize the excellence in research of a statistical scientist whose work was carried out primarily in Canada. Eligibility is limited to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada. To be eligible for the CRM-SSC Prize, a candidate must have earned her/his Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) within the last 15 years of receiving the award.

The 2009 CRM-SSC Prize Committee was chaired by Louis-Paul Rivest (Université Laval) and had Richard J. Cook (University of Waterloo), Sorana Froda (Université du Québec à Montréal), Paul Gustafson (UBC) and Bruce Smith (Dalhousie University) as members.

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