Prix de mathématiques André-Aisenstadt Prize in mathematics

Adrian S. LEWIS

The André Aisenstadt Mathematics Prize for 1995 was awarded to Professor Adrian S. LEWIS of the University of Waterloo. Professor Lewis was cited for his deep contributions in a wide range of mathematical areas: mathematical optimization, convex and nonsmooth analysis, functional analysis, matrix theory, and computational optimization. In particular he is world renowned for his work in the field of convex programming of Hermitian matrices. The prize was awarded on April 26, 1996 at the CRM by Luc Vinet, director, following a lecture by Professor Lewis entitled "Convex Analysis and Applications."

HIS WORK: Adrian Lewis has published more than 30 articles in prestigious refereed journals and has given numerous invited presentations and colloquia, among them a keynote speech at the SIAM Conference on Optimization in 1996. He has also accepted invitations to Marseilles and Toulouse for joint research and expositions of his work. He is a member of the editorial board of the SIAM Journal on Optimization, and referees and reviews for ten other important journals.

HIS STUDIES AND AFFILIATIONS: Professor Lewis did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Cambridge University in England, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1987. His thesis was entitled "Extreme point methods for infinite linear programming." After research fellowships at Cambridge University and Dalhousie University he moved to the University of Waterloo in 1988 where he is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization.