André Aisenstadt Mathematics Prize 1997-1998



The 1997 André Aisenstadt Mathematics Prize was awarded to Professor Boris A. KHESIN of the University of Toronto.

HIS WORK: Professor Khesin was cited for his work in infinite-dimensional Poisson geometry and Lie groups and his wonderful geometric intuition applied to problems in topological hydrodynamics and groups of double loops. He did fundamental work in bifurcation theory where he proved R. Thom's rule of "seven elementary catastrophes" in dynamical systems. Professor Khesin also discovered the "logarithm of the derivative," a beautifully simple notion providing a link between determinant theory and the theory of infinite-dimensional integrable systems.

HIS STUDIES AND AFFILIATIONS: Boris Khesin did his undergraduate and graduate work at Moscow State University, obtaining his Ph.D. under the direction of Professor V. I. Arnold in 1990. He then held positions at the University of California at Berkeley, Yale University and the Isaac Newton Institute before accepting a permanent position at the University of Toronto where he is currently an associate professor and Sloan Fellow.

Professor Khesin presented a lecture at the CRM in January 1998.