Centre de recherches mathématiques

Conférence de Robert V. Moody
University of Alberta

Récipiendaire du Prix CRM-Fields Institute 1997
Recipient of the CRM-Fields Institute Prize 1997

Résumé de la conférence du Professor Moody au CRM, le 25 septembre 1998
Abstract of Professor Moody's lecture at the CRM, 25th of September 1998

«What is Aperiodic Order?»

In the natural world we are surrounded by large highly ordered structures that are assembled out of minute entities (atoms). How Nature accomplishes this is largely unknown. The simplest and by far the most common system is the periodic repetition of some basic motive. These are crystals. We now know that there are solid-state materials that are crystallographic in almost every way, including long-range order that rivals in perfection with that found in crystals, which are most definitely not periodic. In this lecture, we will discuss some of the mathematics that is being used to model these quasi-crystals, its unexpected origins, and the lovely way in which it weaves together various diverse disciplines of mathematics.

Suivant la conférence, une réception a eu lieu au salon Maurice-L'Abbé.
After the lecture, a reception was held in the Maurice-L'Abbé salon.

À gauche: le professeur Moody
À droite: Luc Vinet, directeur du CRM

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Photographe: Réjean Meloche

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