Prix de mathématiques André-Aisenstadt
2000 - 2001 André Aisenstadt Prize



C'est avec grand plaisir que le CRM annonce la remise du Prix de mathématiques André-Aisenstadt de l'année 2000 à Eckhard MEINRENKEN de l'Université de Toronto. Il a donné une conférence sur ses travaux le 9 février 2001.

The CRM takes great pleasure in announcing the awarding of the 2000 André Aisenstadt Mathematics Prize to Professor Eckhard MEINRENKEN of the University of Toronto. He delivered a lecture on his work at CRM on February 9th, 2001


Résumé / Abstract

Matrices, Moment Maps, and Moduli Spaces
Moment maps are a mathematical generalization of angular momentum in classical mechanics. The abstract notion of a moment map was introduced in the late 1960's by Souriau, and developed by Guillemin, Kirillov, Kirwan, Kostant, Marsden, Sternberg, Weinstein, and many others. This lecture will be concerned with a "non-linear" theory of moment maps, introduced in 1998 in collaboration with Alekseev and Malkin. We will explain the main properties of non-linear moment maps, and discuss their applications to eigenvalue problems for matrices and to moduli spaces of flat connections over a surface.