Centre de recherches mathématiques

Conférence de Boris Khesin

Récipiendaire du Prix Aisenstadt 1997
Recipient of the Aisenstadt Prize 1997

Résumé de la conférence du Professor Khesin au CRM, le 30 janvier 1998
Summary of Professor Khesin's lecture at the CRM, 30th of January 1998

«Complexification dictionary and holmorphic linking number»

In the talk I will show how the Cauchy (or, more generally, the Leray) residue formula can be viewed as an informal complex analogue of the Stokes formula. This allows one to define holomorphic counterparts of various gauge-specific and topological objects.
In particular, one can treat in a parallel way the Poisson (and symplectic) structures on the moduli spaces of flat connections on real manifolds and those structures on the moduli spaces of holomorphic bundles on complex manifolds. Another application of this "complexification dictionary" is a holomorphic version of the linking number of two curves in a three-fold and its generalizations.

Suivant la conférence, une réception a eu lieu au salon Maurice-L'Abbé.
After the lecture, a reception was held in the Maurice-L'Abbé salon.

Dans l'ordre habituel:
Luc Vinet (directeur du CRM),
Boris Khesin et
René Simard (recteur de l'université)

Dans l'ordre habituel:
Boris Khesin,
Luc Vinet,
René Simard et
Andrée Mattii (Chef de cabinet au rectorat)

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