[Liste-CICMA] Thematic Program on Unlikely Intersections, Heights, and Efficient Congruencing

Guillermo Martinez-Zalce martinez at crm.umontreal.ca
Mon Jan 25 09:10:22 EST 2016

> Dear Colleagues
> This message is to let you know about an upcoming programme at the Fields Institute:
> ``Thematic Program on Unlikely Intersections, Heights, and Efficient Congruencing'',
> January-June 2017, organized by J. Friedlander, F. Herzig, Y.-R. Liu, J.Pila,
> J. Tsimerman, and T. Wooley.
> The page for the program is here:
> https://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/16-17/congruencing/index.html <https://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/16-17/congruencing/index.html>, 
> and for potdocs (applications deadline February 15!) here:
> https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/jobs/8470 <https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/jobs/8470>
> Can you please forward this message to people in your group/institution who might
> be interested in post-doctoral posts, visits, or workshops associated with the program.
> Best regards,
> Jonathan Pila.
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