Statistics is central to many endeavours in society. Be it through surveys from sampling, clinical trials to study various biomedical treatments, or the study of the survival of an animal population, statistical methodology can be found everywhere in science. Recently statistics has undergone a revolution in its techniques and approaches. This revolution has been driven by the need to analyze very large data sets and data with more complex structure, and by the advent of powerful computers. Statistical methodology is now addressing problems whose structure is very complex, such as the analysis of brain images or genome data, and new methodology (such as data mining) is being developed for large data sets. Note that the name of the laboratory must be interpreted broadly, as some of its members are actuaries, probabilists, or biostatisticians. One of the aims of the laboratory is to structure the Québec statistical community so that it can participate in this revolution at a time when an important renewal of academic personnel is taking place. This structure allows the Québec community to participate in Canada-wide programs organized by the three Canadian mathematics institutes. The laboratory is formed of the leaders of the Québec school of statistics, who work on topics such as statistical learning and neural networks, survey sampling, analysis of functional data, statistical analysis of images, dependence structures, Bayesian analysis, analysis of time series and financial data, and resampling methods.

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