The mathematical physics group is one of the oldest and most active at the CRM. It consists of 19 regular members, 10 local associate members (all full-time faculty members at one of the participating universities), and 8 external associate members working permanently at universities and research laboratories in Europe, the U.S., or Mexico. The group carries out research in many of the most active areas of mathematical physics: coherent nonlinear systems in fluids, optics, and plasmas; classical and quantum integrable systems; the spectral theory of random matrices; percolation phenomena; conformal field theory; quantum statistical mechanics; spectral and scattering theory of random Schrödinger operators; quasi-crystals; relativity; spectral transform methods; foundational questions in quantization; asymptotics of eigenstates; coherent states; wavelets; supersymmetry; the symmetry analysis of PDEs and difference equations; representation theory of Lie groups and quantum groups; and the mathematical structure of classical and quantum field theories.

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