The Applied Mathematics Laboratory is a research network of 20 applied mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, and chemists, based in Montréal. The laboratory exists primarily to stimulate research and collaboration in the applied mathematical research areas of its members by fostering discussion and the creation of ideas through conferences, workshops, seminars, and the furtherance of research through its visitors' program and the appointment of talented postdoctoral fellows. The laboratory is also very concerned with the training of young researchers and supports travel and conference attendance of its postdoctoral fellows. The research interests of the laboratory members are quite diverse although there are a number of common threads that make interchange and collaboration both possible and fruitful. Active areas of research represented within the laboratory include, for example, the application of dynamical systems theory to complex phenomena, high-dimensional chaos, and biology. There is also an interest in numerical linear algebra and its applications, including the design, analysis, and implementation of effective computer algorithms. Amongst the membership one will also find expertise in numerical simulation, applied dynamical systems, quantum chemistry, turbulence, combustion, biomechanics, numerical methods in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism, hp-finite element methods, molecular dynamics, control, optimization, preconditioners, and large-scale eigenvalue problems.

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