At the same time classical and central to modern mathematics, analysis involves studying continuous systems from dynamical systems to solutions of partial differential equations and spectra of operators. The Québec group of analysts has lately recruited an impressive number of researchers. The creation of a laboratory allowing them to pursue their development will be welcome. The group members belong to six Québec universities with a particular concentration at Laval, McGill and Université de Montréal. Many of the main currents of modern analysis are studied by the group. Among the research subjects of the group, one finds conjectures on random waves and quantum chaos, Hamiltonian formalism in statistical mechanics far from equilibrium, asymptotic properties of wave functions, Hilbert 16th problem and Hardy conjecture.

Besides the seminar series, the program of the laboratory includes a plan of intense activities, a thematic year in analysis, focussing on spectral analysis and geometric analysis, including a short program on contact geometry and contact analysis, a short program on the analysis of singular spaces, two workshops in analysis of general relativity and five workshops on different aspects of spectral analysis.

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