CRM Expert Team in Epidemiology and Public Health

August 12, 2020 Zoom meeting

Café mathématique: What is a model of COVID-19?

Conference presented by David Buckeridge (McGill University), Ashleigh Tuite, Caroline Colijn, Javier Sanchez, Jacques Bélair (Université de Montréal)

The Fields Institute in association with the Centre for Disease Modelling, AARMS, PIMS and the CRM


Café mathématique, a free public forum where anyone can learn how math underpins our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from a panel of experts at universities across Canada as they answer the question, “What is a model of COVID-19?” followed by a lively discussion where audience members are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas about modelling the pandemic.

Students of all ages, and everyone who likes math, are encouraged to attend. Click here to register: 


Organizing Committee:

Julien Arino - University of Manitoba

Jacques Bélair - Université de Montréal

Jude Dzevela Kong - York University

Jane Heffernan - York University

Kumar Murty - The Fields Institute

James Watmough - University of New Brunswick

Jianhong Wu - Mathematics for Public Health and York University

Huaiping Zhu - York University