Registration and funding



There is a limited amount of funding to support the participation costs of early career researchers. The procedure for requesting support will be posted at the same time as the registration form.

Other possible funding sources include the following.

  • AWM Mathematics Travel Grants. These “provide full or partial support for travel and subsistence for a meeting or conference in the applicant’s field of specialization”. Open to women holding a doctorate (or equivalent) with a U.S. work address.
  • LMS Caring Supplementary Grants. “To enable parents and carers to attend conferences and other research schools, meetings or visits by making a supplementary contribution towards caring costs.”  Any mathematician in the UK is eligible to apply for a grant.
  • CWM Supplementary Grants. “To help women who already have funding to attend a conference or meeting or for scientific collaboration, but who need extra funds to make it possible (for example, for child care, separate accommodation, or more appropriate travel).” Open to women from developing countries or regions. 

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