The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) in Montreal is soliciting applications for thematic programs to be held at the CRM during the calendar year 2017. The thematic semesters take place from January to June (for the Winter-Spring Semester), and from July to December (for the Summer-Fall Semester). The duration of each program is either one or two semesters. The scientific activities of each semester typically include 3-5 workshops; some funds are also allocated to support postdoctoral fellows, short- and long-term visitors and two Aisenstadt Chairs. Programs to be organized jointly (in whole or in part) with other institutes are welcome.

The prospective organizers are invited to submit letters of intent including the following information:

- The title and dates of the proposed thematic program.

- The composition of the organizing committee, with the names and affiliations of its members. It is recommended that at least one member of the organizing committee belongs to the local mathematical community, and at least half of the organizers are external.

- A brief scientific description of the thematic semester (1-2 pages). The description must emphasize the goals, the background, and the timeliness of the proposed workshops, as well as training activities (schools, mini-courses, etc.) for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

- A tentative list of the principal invited speakers, including the names of the potential Aisenstadt Chairs. The candidates for the Aisenstadt Chairs should be world-famous mathematicians. They are expected to spend at least one week at the CRM during the semester, and to give a series of 3-4 lectures within the thematic program. One of these lectures should be accessible to a general mathematical audience.

Preliminary contact and informal inquiries with the Director and Deputy Director (Scientific Programs) of the CRM are encouraged. Budget indications and information on sources of funding will be provided.

All letters of intent will be examined by the CRM's local and international scientific advisory committees. In case of a favourable decision, the prospective organizers will be asked to submit a detailed proposal that will be evaluated by the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the CRM. Proposals and further inquiries should be emailed to the CRM at

The CRM always welcomes applications for workshops, conferences and schools. Please refer to the webpage for more information.

A commitment to diversity

Applicants are encouraged to ensure participation of women and underrepresented groups in the proposed activity. They should also plan to involve scientists at different stages of their career, including postdoctoral fellows and students, coming from diverse institutions and locations in Canada and abroad.

Source : Centre de recherches mathématiques