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Antichronological Order
CRM-2703Duchesne, P., Roy, R.Consistent test for independence against serial dependence of unknown form in vector time series models
CRM-2784Gander, M. J., Halpern, L.Un algorithme discret de décomposition de domaines pour l'équation des ondes en dimension 1
CRM-2780El-Mabrouk, N., Sankoff, D.The reconstruction of doubled genomes
CRM-2823Pogosyan, G. R., Winternitz, P.Separation of variables and subgroup bases on $n$-dimensional hyperboloids
CRM-2766Takeuchi, I., Bengio, Y., Kanamori, T.Robust regression with asymmetric heavy-tail noise
CRM-2809Jakobson, D., Nadirashvili, N.Quasi-symmetry of $L_p$ norms of eigenfunctions
CRM-2789Gander, M. J., Zhao, H.Overlapping Schwarz waveform relaxation for the heat equation in $n$ dimensions
CRM-2787Daoud, D. S., Gander, M. J.Overlapping Schwarz waveform relaxation for convection reaction diffusion problems
CRM-2792Daoud, D. S., Gander, M. J.Overlapping Schwarz waveform relaxation for convection reaction diffusion problems
CRM-2794Gander, M. J., Rohde, C.Overlapping Schwarz waveform relaxation for convection dominated dissipative conservation laws
CRM-2791Gander, M. J., Ruehli, A. E.Optimized waveform relaxation methods for diffusive type circuits
CRM-279Gander, M. J.Optimized Schwarz methods for symmetric positive definite problems
CRM-2786Gander, M. J.Optimized Schwarz methods for Helmholtz problems
CRM-2788Gander, M. J., Halpern, L., Japhet, C.Optimized Schwarz algorithms for coupling convection and convection-diffusion problems
CRM-2790Gander, M. J., Halpern, L., Nataf, F.Optimal Schwarz waveform relaxation for the one dimensional wave equation
CRM-2813Korotkin, D.On some integrable system arising in differential geometry and general relativity
CRM-277Dufresne, D.On general class of risk models
CRM-2812Korotkin, D., Korotkov, K., Krylov, B.On classification of gas discharge images around fingers and drops of liquid
CRM-2785Gander, M. J., Halpern, L.Méthodes de décomposition de domaines pour l'équation des ondes en dimension 1
CRM-2817Ford, D., McKay, J.Monstrous Moonshine — Problems arising. II. The Monster and affine E8 Dynkin data
CRM-2816Ford, D., McKay, J.Monstrous Moonshine — Problems arising. I. Tate characters
CRM-2777Bertolini, M., Darmon, H.Iwasawa's main conjecture for elliptic curves over anticyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions
CRM-2821Clarke, F. H., Stern, R. J.Hamilton-Jacobi characterization of the state constrained value
CRM-2822Gungör, F., Winternitz, P.Generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation with an inifinite dimensional symmetry algebra
CRM-2772Brunet, R. C.From population to proportion dynamics for epidemiological models with heterogeneity
CRM-2810Jakobson, D., Rivin, I.Extremal metrics on graphs
CRM-2768Bengio, Y., Chapados, N.Extending metric-based model selection and regularization in the absence of unlabeled data
CRM-2797Góra, P., Bahsoun, W.Exact inner functions
CRM-281Klein, C., Korotkin, D., Shramchenko, V.Ernst equation, Fay identities and variational formulas on algebraic curves
CRM-2775Darmon, H., Green, P.Elliptic curves and class fields of real quadratic fields: algorithms and evidence
CRM-2804Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.Deterministic description of quantum mechanics
CRM-2795Góra, P., Bracken, P., Boyarsky, A.Deriving chaotic dynamical systems from energy functionals
CRM-2826Finster, F., Kamran, N., Smoller, J., Yau, S.-T.Decay rates and probability estimates for Dirac particles in the Kerr-Newman geometry
CRM-2803Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.Control in a class of chaotic unimodal maps
CRM-2806Lina, J.-M., Clonda, D., Goulard, B.Complex dyadic wavelets: statistical modeling and image processing
CRM-2801Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.Chaotic maps derived from data
CRM-2799Góra, P., Obeid, N.Absolutely continuous invariant measures for a class of meromorphic transformations
CRM-2764Collobert, R., Bengio, S., Bengio, Y.A parallel mixture of SVMs for very large scale problems
CRM-2796Góra, P., Bracken, P., Boyarsky, A.A minimum principle for chaotical dynamical systems
CRM-2802Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.A dynamical system interpretation of irreducible complexity
CRM-2773Bouchard, M., Brunet, R. C., Droz, P.-O., Carrier, G.A biologically-based dynamic model for predicting the disposition of methanol and its metabolites in animals and humans
CRM-2774Bouchard, M., Brunet, R. C., Droz, P.-O., Carrier, G.A biologically-based dynamic model for predicting the disposition of formaldehyde and its metabolites in animals
CRM-2704Bilodeau, M., Duchesne, P.Robust estimation of the SUR model
CRM-2709Eynard, B.Random matrices, Saclay lecture notes
CRM-2706Dubeau, F., Ouansafi, A., Sakat, A.Approximation de la solution d'une équation différentielle ordinaire avec impulsions qui dépendent de l'état
CRM-2707Bouchard, P., Angers, J.-F., Bossé, E.A new fuzzy inference engine applied to identify information fusion
CRM-2711Buono, L., Lamb, J., Roberts, M.Steady-state bifurcations in reversible equivariant systems
CRM-2714Hernàndez-Loreto, J., Toni, B.Periodos críticos y clasificación de centros de un sistema cúbico
CRM-2712Arminjon, P., Madrane, A., St-Cyr, A.Numerical simulation of 3D flows with a non-oscillatory central scheme on unstructured tetrahedral grids
CRM-2741Levi, D., Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Lie symmetries of multidimensional difference equations
CRM-2715Toni, B.Differential dynamics in terms of Jacobian loops
CRM-2710Toni, B.Cyclicity of isochronous centers
CRM-2713Hernàndez-Loreto, J., Toni, B.Ciclos límite de primer orden de una 1-forma linearizable
CRM-2769Bergeron, F., Bergeron, N., Aval, J.-C.Lattice diagram polynomials in one set of variables
CRM-2740Lafortune, S., Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Symmetry classification of diatomic molecular chains
CRM-2783Gander, M. J., Magoulès, F., Nataf, F.Optimized Schwarz methods without overlap for the Helmholtz equation
CRM-2744Chavarriga, J., Schlomiuk, D.Integrability criteria for differential equations on the projective plane
CRM-2747Allen, S.Signal based features with applications to ship recognition in FLIR imagery
CRM-2748Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Invariants of the nilpotent and solvable triangular Lie algebras
CRM-2746Allen, S., Gagnon, L., Lesage, F.Hydrous area segmentation in radar imagery by level set-based snakes
CRM-2750Durand, S.Non-local wave function reduction modeled by wormhole-based time travel
CRM-2758Valin, P.Unified framework for information fusion
CRM-2754Grundland, A. M., Zakrzewski, W. J.Some geometric aspects of $CP^2$ maps
CRM-2759Valin, P.Reasoning frameworks for fusion of imaging and non-imaging sensor information
CRM-2752Karrakchou, J.Linear quadratic optimal control of linear time invariant systems with delays in state, control, and observation variables
CRM-2760Gander, M. J.Frequency decomposition and subspace iteration for nonlinear evolution equations
CRM-2755Eynard, B.A concise expression for the ODE's of orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2761Haddou, M., Angers, J.-F., Cléroux, R.Utilisation de modèles linéaires dynamiques pour l'optimisation de portefeuilles, una approche bayésienne
CRM-2836Atoyan, A. M., Dermer, C. D.High-energy neutrinos from photomeson processes in blazars
CRM-2762Guimond, L.-S., Masáková, Z., Pelantová, E.Combinatorial properties of infinite words associated with cut-and-project sequences
CRM-2763Guimond, L.-S., Masáková, Z., Pelantová, E.Arithmetics on beta-expansions
CRM-2827Durand, S.Non-local indeterministic quantum behaviors modeled by wormhole-based time travel
CRM-2829Winternitz, P.Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices
CRM-2831Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Geometry of quadratic differential systems in the neighbourhood of the line at infinity
CRM-2846Alvarez-Moraga, N., Hussin, V.Generalized coherent and squeezed states based on the $h(1) \oplus su(2)$ algebra
CRM-2708Dumortier, F., Guzman, A., Rousseau, C.Finite cyclicity of elementary graphics surrounding a focus or center in quadratic systems
CRM-2767Chapados, N., Bengio, Y., Vincent, P., Ghosn, J., Dugas, C., Takeuchi, I., Meng, L.Estimating car insurance premia: A case study in high-dimensional data inference
CRM-2765Vincent, P., Bengio, Y.$K$-local hyperplane and convex distance nearest neighbor algorithms
CRM-2696Bilodeau, M.Asymptotic distribution of the largest eigenvalue
CRM-2675Arminjon, P., St-Cyr, A., Madrane, A.New two- and three-dimensional non-oscillatory central finite volume methods on staggered Cartesian grids
CRM-2830Patera, J., Twarock, R.Affine extension of noncrystallographic Coxeter groups and quasicrystals
CRM-2753Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.On complete integrability of the generalized Weierstrass system
CRM-2846Alvarez-Moraga, N., Hussin, V.Generalized coherent and squeezed states based on the $h(1) \oplus \operatorname{su}(2)$ algebra
CRM-2756Marchand, É., Perron, F.On the minimax estimator of a bounded normal mean
CRM-2847Daoud, M., Hussin, V.General sets of coherent states and the Jaynes-Cummings model
CRM-2749Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Duality, biorthogonal polynomials and multi-matrix models
CRM-2844Hurtubise, J., Markman, E.Elliptic Sklyanin integrable systems for arbitrary reductive groups
CRM-2808Hurtubise, J., Markman, E.Surfaces and the Sklyanin bracket
CRM-2781El-Mabrouk, N.Reconstructing an ancestral genome using minimum segments duplications and reversals
CRM-2833Angers, J.-F.Curves comparison using wavelets
CRM-2852Bertola, M., Eynard, B., Harnad, J.Duality of spectral curves arising in two-matrix models
CRM-2842Bertola, M.Bilinear semiclassical moment functionals and their integral representation
CRM-2838Clarke, F. H., Stern, R. J.State constrained feedback stabilization
CRM-2751Duchesne, P., Roy, R.Robust tests for independence of two time series
CRM-2806Clonda, D., Lina, J.-M., Goulard, B.Complex Daubechies wavelets: properties and statistical image modelling
CRM-2757Angers, J.-F., Biswas, A.A Bayesian analysis of the 4-year follow-up data of the Wisconsin epidemiology study of diabetic retinopathy
CRM-2782Frigon, M.Remarques sur l'enlacement en théorie des points critiques pour des fonctionnelles continues
CRM-2820Krokhin, A. A., Rosenberg, I. G.A monoidal interval of clones of selfdual functions

July 19, 2006