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CRM-3186Léger, C., MacGibbon, B.On the bootstrap in cube root asymptotics
CRM-2687Christopher, C., Mardesic, P., Rousseau, C.Normalizable, integrable, and linearizable saddle points for complex quadratic systems in C2
CRM-2734Lalonde, F., McDuff, D.Symplectic structures on fiber bundles
CRM-2798Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.Absolutely continuous invariant measures for random maps with position dependent probabilities
CRM-2646Angers, J.-F., Biswas, A.Estimation of monotone function for data on records
CRM-2697Dumortier, F., Ilyashenko, Y., Rousseau, C.Normal forms near a saddle-node and applications to finite cyclicity of graphics
CRM-2778Bertolini, M., Darmon, H., Iovita, A., Spiess, M.Teitelbaum's exceptional zero conjecture in the anticyclotomic setting
CRM-2818Haddad, L., Machida, H., Rosenberg, I. G.Maximal and minimal partial clones
CRM-2776Darmon, H.Integration on $H_p \times H$ and arithmetic applications
CRM-2720Boyer, S., Zhang, X.A proof of the finite filling conjecture
CRM-2723Boyer, S., Gordon, C. M., Zhang, X.Dehn fillings of large hyperbolic 3-manifolds
CRM-2653Lewis, M.-A., Saint-Aubin, Y.Boundary states for a free boson defined on finite geometries
CRM-2676Lapalme, E., Saint-Aubin, Y.Crossing probabilities on same-spin clusters in the two-dimensional Ising model
CRM-2685Fournier, R.Some remarks on Jack's lemma
CRM-2698Eynard, B.Asymptotics of skew orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2700Amblard, C., Lapalme, E., Lina, J.-M.Biomagnetic cortical sources detection by maximum entropy on the mean
CRM-2699Harnad, J.Dual isomonodromic tau functions and determinants of integrable Fredholm operators
CRM-2702Clarke, F. H., Rifford, L., Stern, R. J.Feedback in state constrained optimal control
CRM-2701Schlomiuk, D., Vulpe, N.Planar quadratic differential systems with invariant straight lines
CRM-2745Gravel, S., Thibault, P.Integrability and linearizability of the Lotka-Volterra system with a saddle point with rational hyperbolicity ratio
CRM-2694Bilodeau, M.Asymptotic distribution of the largest eigenvalues for underlying elliptical distributions
CRM-2815Lalonde, F., McDuff, D.Cohomological properties of ruled symplectic manifolds
CRM-2695Levi, D., Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Continuous symmetries of equations on lattices
CRM-2693El Boukili, A., Madrane, A., Vaillancourt, R.Adaptive techniques for semiconductor equations with a Raviart-Thomas element
CRM-2691Boivin, A., Gauthier, P. M., Paramonov, P.Approximation on closed sets by analytic or meromorphic solutions of elliptic equations and applications
CRM-2691aKarrakchou, J.On output stabilization of discrete linear delay systems
CRM-2689Hernández Heredero, R., Levi, D., Rodríguez, M. A., Winternitz, P.Relation between Bäcklund transformations and higher continuous symmetries of the Toda equation
CRM-2688Sheftel, M. B., Tempesta, P., Winternitz, P.Superintegrable systems in quantum mechanics and classical Lie theory
CRM-2690Amblard, C., Girard, S.Symmetry and dependence properties within a semiparametric family of bivariate copulas
CRM-2692Dubeau, F., Karrakchou, J.Équations différentielles à retard avec une infinité d'impulsions qui dépendent de l'état
CRM-2680Lapointe, L., Lascoux, A., Morse, J.A filtration of the symmetric function space a refinement of the Macdonald positivity conjecture
CRM-2682Tremblay, S., Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A.Integrable lattice equations and their growth properties
CRM-2681Ramani, A., Grammaticos, B., Tremblay, S.Integrable systems without the Painlevé property
CRM-2683Levi, D., Tremblay, S., Winternitz, P.Lie point symmetries of difference equations and lattices
CRM-2684Dryanov, D., Fournier, R.On Visser's inequality
CRM-2686Joffe, A., Marchand, É., Perron, F., Popadiuk, P.On a particular sum of dependent Bernoulli and its relationship to a matching type problem
CRM-2678Rowe, D. J., de Guise, H., Sanders, B.Asymptotic limits of SU(2) and SU(3) Wigner functions
CRM-2679Ramani, A., Grammaticos, B., Lafortune, S., Ohta, Y.Linearisable mappings and the low-growth criterion
CRM-2725Fleischer, I., Porter, J. E.Convergence of metric space-valued BV functions
CRM-2677Bracken, P.The Cartan form and its relation to the invewrse problem of the calculus of variations and the Helmotz equations
CRM-2671Hagedorn, T.A combinatorial approach for determining phylogenetic invariants for the general model
CRM-2672Bracken, P.An arithmetic-geometric mean inequality
CRM-2670Bertola, M., Bros, J., Gorini, V., Moschella, U., Schaeffer, R.Decomposing quantum fields on branes
CRM-2656Grundland, A. M., Sheftel, M. B., Winternitz, P.Invariant solutions of equations of the hydrodynamic type
CRM-2674Martina, L., Lafortune, S., Winternitz, P.Point symmetries of generalized Toda field theories II. Symmetry reduction
CRM-2673Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.Symmetry properties and explicit solution of the generalized Weierstrass system
CRM-2651Ashino, R., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.A survey of the MATLAB ODE suite
CRM-2652Angers, J.-F.Bayesian inference for the location parameter of a Student-t density
CRM-2655St-Jean, P., Lina, J.-M.Exceedence statistics of irregular random field using wavelets and Euler characteristics
CRM-2733Koosis, P.On perturbed Coulomb solutions of the Schrödinger equation
CRM-2654Lina, J.-M., Clonda, D., Goulard, B.Statistical modeling with complex dyadic wavelets
CRM-2650Ashino, R., Heil, C., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.Microlocal filtering with multiwavelets
CRM-2566Lafortune, S., Martina, L., Winternitz, P.Point symmetries of generalized Toda field theories
CRM-2645Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P.Separation of variables and Darboux transformations
CRM-2649Pham, D. T., Roy, R., Cédras, L.Tests for non-correlation of two cointegrated ARMA time series
CRM-2719Bengio, Y., Ducharme, R.A neural probabilistic language model
CRM-2729Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.Conditional symmetries for the generalized Weierstrass system
CRM-2824Frittelli, S., Kamran, N., Newman, E. T.Differential equations and conformal geometry
CRM-2819Haddad, L., Lau, D., Rosenberg, I. G.Intervals of partial clones containing maximal clones
CRM-2805St-Jean, P., Lina, J.-M., Goulard, B.Irregular random fields, wavelets and Euler characteristics
CRM-2728Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.Links between the Weierstrass representation, the complex sine-Gordon equation and multivortex solutions
CRM-2807Clonda, D., Lina, J.-M., Goulard, B.Mixed memory model for image processing and modeling with complex Daubechies wavelets
CRM-2727Grundland, A. M., Levi, D.On a new integrable equation of Toda type
CRM-2800Góra, P., Boyarsky, A.On the discrete nature of time
CRM-2722Boyer, S., Culler, M., Shalen, P. B., Zhang, X.Small Dehn fillings
CRM-2825Finster, F., Kamran, N., Smoller, J., Yau, S.-T.The long-time dynamics of Dirac particles in the Kerr-Newman black hole
CRM-2705Bilodeau, M., Duchesne, P.Principal component analysis from multivariate familial correlation matrix

July 19, 2006