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CRM-2543Hurtubise, J., Kjiri , M.Separating coordinates for the generalized Hitchin systems and the classical $r$-matrices
CRM-2582Zhedanov, A.A method of constructing Krall's polynomials
CRM-2525Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Comparing the layer and Born approximations with experimental data in eddy current testing
CRM-2583Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Generalized little $q$-Jacobi polynomials as eigensolutions of higher-order $q$-differential operators
CRM-2597Harnad, J., McKay, J.Modular invariants and generalized Halphen system
CRM-2584Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M.On certain classes of solutions of the Weierstrass-Enneper systems inducing constant mean curvature surfaces
CRM-2596Harnad, J.Picard-Fuchs equations, Hauptmoduls and integrable systems
CRM-2581Lesage, F., Saleur, H.Perturbation of infra-red fixed points and duality in quantum impurity problems
CRM-2580Bryant, D.Rapid evaluation of least squares and minimum evolution criteria on phylogenetic trees
CRM-2578Lesage, F., Saleur, H.Strong coupling resistivity in the Kondo model
CRM-2579Bryant, D.The complexity of the breakpoint median problem
CRM-2669Duquet, J. R., Macieszczak, M., Shahbazian, E., Valin, P.A generic expert system infrastructure for fusion and imaging decision aids
CRM-2575Arminjon, P., Madrane, A.A staggered Lax-Friedrichs-type mixed finite volume/finite element method for the simulation of viscous compressible flows on unstructured triangular grids
CRM-2577Bracken, P.Classical Yang-Mills coupled to a scalar triplet invariant under subgroups of the conformal group
CRM-2572Dupuis, Y., Schlomiuk, D.Géométrie des champs de vecteurs hamiltoniens à point de selle
CRM-2571Havlicek, M., Pošta, M., Winternitz, P.Nonlineart superposition formulas based on imprimitive group action
CRM-2573Roussarie, R., Schlomiuk, D.On the geometric structure of the class of planar quadratic differential systems
CRM-2569Winternitz, P.Lie groups and difference equations
CRM-2570Dechevsky, L. T., MacGibbon, B., Ramsay, J. O.On smooth bijections between subsets of Rn
CRM-2565Masáková, Z., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.Quadratic irrationalities and geometric properties of one-dimensional quasicrystals
CRM-2567Gómez-Ullate, D., Lafortune, S., Winternitz, P.Symmetries of discrete dynamical systems involving two species
CRM-2568Hernández Heredero, R., Levi, D., Winternitz, P.Symmetries of the discrete Burgers equation
CRM-2560Choquet, D., L'Écuyer, P., Léger, C.Bootstrap confidence intervals for ratios of expectations
CRM-2559Grenier, M., Léger, C.Bootstrapping regression models with BLUS residuals
CRM-2564Lina, J.-M., Turcotte, P., Goulard, B.Complex dyadic multiresolution analyses
CRM-2561Léger, C., MacGibbon, B.On the bootstrap in cube root asymptotics
CRM-2668Duquet, J. R., Shahbazian, E., Valin, P.A blackboard architecture for incremental implementation of data fusion applications
CRM-2554Fernandez, D. J., Hussin, V., Mielnik, B.A simple generation of exactly solvable anharmonic oscillators
CRM-2552Ayari, A., Ayari, M. I., Hussin, V.Computation of Lie supersymmetries for the supersymmetric two bosons equations
CRM-2557Lafortune, S., Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A.Constructing integrable third order systems: the Gambier approach
CRM-2550Durand, S.EPR-type behaviors modeled by wormhole-based time travel
CRM-2555Fournier, R.Extensions of the geometric-arithmetic means inequality to a disc of the complex plane
CRM-2667Gagnon, L., Jouan, A., Shahbazian, E., Valin, P.Fusion of imagery attributes with non-imaging sensor reports by truncated Dempster-Shafer evidential reasoning
CRM-2556Ayari, A., Hussin, V., Winternitz, P.Group invariant solutions for the $N= 2$ super Korteweg–de Vries equation
CRM-2553Frigon, M.On a new notion of linking and application to elliptic problems at resonance
CRM-2551Loutsenko, I., Spiridonov, V.Spectral self-similarity, one-dimensional Ising chains, and random matrices
CRM-2547Horozov, E., Kasman, A.Darboux transformations of bispectral quantum integrable systems
CRM-2549Dechevsky, L. T., Dubuc, S.Multidimensional dyadic iterative interpolation and Fourier multipliers on Lebesgue spaces
CRM-2548Konik, R., Lesage, F., Ludwig, A. W. W., Saleur, H.Two-leg ladders and carbon nanotubes: Exact properties at finite doping
CRM-2546van Diejen, J. F., Kirillov, A. N.A combinatorial formula for the associated Legendre functions of integer degree
CRM-2545Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.An integrable chain and bi-orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2539Zhedanov, A.Biorthogonal rational functions and generalized eigenvalue problem
CRM-2542Christopher, C., Rousseau, C.Nondegenerate linearisable centres od complex planar quadratic and symmetric cubic systems in C2
CRM-2540Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.Spectral transformation chains and the Wilson biorthogonal rational functions
CRM-2544Bracken, P., Grundland, A. M., Martina, L.The Weierstrass-Enneper system for constant mean curvature surfaces and the completely integrable sigma model
CRM-2536Harnad, J., McKay, J.Modular solutions to equations of generalized Halphen type
CRM-2538Kirillov, A. N.New combinatorial formula for Hall-Littlewood polynomials
CRM-2576Hurtubise, J., Markman, E.Rank 2 integrable systems of Prym varieties
CRM-2537Ermolayeva, O., Spiridonov, V., Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Self-similarity and orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2541Zhedanov, A.\“Classical\” Laurent biorthogonal polynomials
CRM-2535Nikolaev, I.A note on the Carathéodory conjecture
CRM-2534Nikolaev, I.Artin's numbers
CRM-2533Kasman, A.Bispectrality of KP solitons
CRM-2530Dubeau, F.Existence, uniqueness and approximation of the solution of an ODE with (infinitely many) state-dependent impulses via a fixed mesh Galerkin formulation
CRM-2531Winternitz, P.Lie group contractions and the separation of variables
CRM-2532Gazeau, J.-P., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.Tau wavelets in the plane
CRM-2529Hatayama, G., Kirillov, A. N., Kuniba, A., Okado, M., Takagi, T., Yamada, Y.Character formulae of $\widehat{sl}_n$-modules and inhomogeneous paths
CRM-2527Izmestev, A. A., Pogosyan, G., Sissakian, A. N., Winternitz, P.Contractions of Lie algebras and separation of variables. The $n$-dimensional sphere
CRM-2558Fournier, R., Ruscheweyh, S.Free boundary value problems for analytic functions in the closed unit disk
CRM-2528Ashino, R., Nagase, M., Vaillancourt, R.Gabor, wavelet and chirplet transforms in the study of pseudodifferential operators
CRM-2657Bergeron, N., Sottile, F.A Pieri-type formula for isotropic flag manifolds

July 19, 2006