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CRM-2771Boyer, S., Luft, E., Zhang, X.On the algebraic components of the SL(2, C) character varieties of knot exteriors
CRM-2477Harnad, J., Its, A. R.Integrable Fredholm operators and dual isomonodromic deformations
CRM-2523Ledyaev, Y., Sontag, E. D.A Lyapunov characterization of robust stabilization
CRM-2521Devdariani, E. N., Ledyaev, Y.Maximum principle for implicit control systems
CRM-2520Clarke, F. H., Hiriart-Urruty, J.-B., Ledyaev, Y.On global optimality conditions for nonlinear optimal control problems
CRM-2518Qaddouri, A., Soulaimani, A., Saad, Y.Parallélisation d'un code d'éléments finis pour le calcul d'écoulements tridimensionnels
CRM-2522Lakshmikantham, V., Ledyaev, Y.Proximal (sub-)differential inequalities
CRM-2517Patera, J., Pelantová, E., Twarock, R.Quasicrystal Lie algebras
CRM-2526Kirillov, A. N.Skew divided difference operators and Schubert polynomials
CRM-2519Lafortune, S., Winternitz, P., Menyuk, C. R.Solutions to the optical cascading equations
CRM-2453Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Stability of Couette flow between rotating porous cylinders with axial and radial flows
CRM-2516Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P.Maximal Abelian subalgebras of pseudo-Euclidean Lie algebras
CRM-2515Bracken, P.Secular polynomials in energy and coupling for lattice spin models calculated using Hamiltonian matrix elements
CRM-2524Kirillov, A. N., Kuniba, A., Nakanishi, T.Skew Young diagram method in spectral decomposition of integrable lattice models II: Higher levels
CRM-2507Jurco, B., Schupp, P.Adler-Kostant-Symes scheme for face and Calogero-Moser-Sutherland type models
CRM-2512Harnad, J.Bispectral operators, dual isomonodromic deformations and the Riemann-Hilbert dressing method
CRM-2511Harnad, J.Hamiltonian dynamics, classical $R$-matrices and isomonodromic deformations
CRM-2513Ayari, S., Dubuc, S.Recursive programs for subdivision schemes
CRM-2503Loutsenko, I., Spiridonov, V.Self-similar potentials and Ising model
CRM-2501Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Stern, R. J.Asymptotic stability and smooth Lyapunov functions
CRM-2509Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.Creation operators for the Calogero-Sutherland model and its relativistic version
CRM-2510Berenstein, A., Kirillov, A. N.Domino tableaux, Schützenberger involution, and the symmetric group action
CRM-2505Bengio, Y., Gingras, F., Goulard, B., Lina, J.-M., Scott, K.Gaussian mixture for classification of nuclear power plant data
CRM-2502Guzman, A., Rousseau, C.Genericity conditions for finite cyclicity of elementary graphics
CRM-2514Bergeron, N., Sottile, F.Hopf algebras and edge-labeled posets
CRM-2500Bracken, P.Invariant solutions of the Yang-Mills field equations coupled to a scalar doublet
CRM-2497Doray, L. G.Multivariate mixed Poisson distribution and IBNR claims
CRM-2504Havlicek, M., Patera, J., Pelantová, E.On Lie gradings II
CRM-2508Bracken, P.Relativistic equations of motion from Poisson brackets
CRM-2506van Diejen, J. F., Vinet, L.The quantum dynamics of the compactified trigonometric Ruijsenaars-Schneider model
CRM-2498Dubuc, S., Kagabo, I., Marcotte, P.Trivial cases for the Kantorovitch problem
CRM-2499Berest, Y., Kasman, A.\mathcal D-modules and Darboux Transformations
CRM-2489Saltini, L. E., Zadra, A.Algebra of non-local charges in the $\operatorname{O}(N)$ WZNW model at and beyond criticality
CRM-2492Floreanini, R., Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.Algebraic description of $S_N$-invariant oscillator states
CRM-2486Ruedin, A., Skigin, D. C., Vaillancourt, R.Computer solution of the scattering problem for a groove in a metallic plane using the modal method
CRM-2488Ayari, M. I., Grundland, A. M.Conditional symmetries for $k$th order partial differential equations
CRM-2495Luong, A., Doray, L. G.General quadratic distance methods for discrete distribution definable recursively
CRM-2490von Sachs, R., MacGibbon, B.Non-parametric curve estimation by wavelet thresholding with locally stationary errors
CRM-2487Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Single-turn coil impedance change due to a circular tube with radially varying properties
CRM-2491Floreanini, R., Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.The dynamical algebra of the three-body Calogero model
CRM-2496Doray, L. G.Variability of IBNR reserve under misspecification
CRM-2485Avan, J., Frappat, L., Rossi, M., Sorba, P.From quantum to elliptic algebras
CRM-2484Filipova, T., Patera, J., Pogosyan, G., Winternitz, P.Graded contractions of the Lie algebra e(2,1)
CRM-2483van Willigenburg, S.A new proof of Solomon's theorem
CRM-2482Avan, J., Frappat, L., Rossi, M., Sorba, P.New $\mathcal{W}_{p,q}(\widehat{sl}(2)) $algebras from the elliptic algebra $\mathcal{A}_{p,q}(\widehat{sl}(2)_c)$
CRM-2476Frappat, L., Hussin, V., Rideau, G.Classification of the quantum deformation of the superalgebra gl(1|1)
CRM-2481Kooij, R., Zegeling, A.Limit cycles in quadratic systems with a weak focus and a strong focus
CRM-2473Thomova, Z., Winternitz, P.Maximal Abelian subgroups of the isometry and conformal groups of Euclidean and Minkowski spaces
CRM-2478Lina, J.-M., MacGibbon, B.Non-linear shrinkage estimation with complex Daubechies wavelets
CRM-2479Kirillov, A. N.On some quadratic algebras
CRM-2474Avan, J., Frappat, L., Rossi, M., Sorba, P.Poisson structure on the center of the elliptic algebra$\mathcal{A}_{p,q}(\widehat{sl}(2)_c)$
CRM-2480Kallel, S.The topology of spaces of maps from a Riemann surface into complex projective space
CRM-2458Spiridonov, V.$q$-special functions: differential-difference equations, root of unity and all that
CRM-2467Ayari, M. I., Grundland, A. M.Conditional symmetries and Bäcklund transformations associated with $k$th order partial differential equations
CRM-2470Grundland, A. M., Martina, L.Constant mean curvature surfaces and completely integrable $\sigma$-model
CRM-2471Khibnik, A., Krauskopf, B., Rousseau, C.Global study of a family of cubic Liénard equations
CRM-2469Grundland, A. M., Levi, D.Higher order Riccati equations as Bäcklund transformations
CRM-2472Fomin, S., Kirillov, A. N.Quadratic algebras, Dunkl elements, and Schubert calculus
CRM-2464Spiridonov, V., Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Spectral transformations, self-similar reductions and orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2465Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Szegö-type polynomials on an interval
CRM-2468Berest, Y.The problem of lacunae and analysis on root systems
CRM-2466Yatracos, Y.Variance and clustering
CRM-2462Rousseau, C., Swirszcz, G., Zoladek, H.Cyclicity of graphics with semi-hyperbolic points inside quadratic systems
CRM-2463Rogers, C., Schief, W. K., Winternitz, P.Lie-theoretical generalisation and discretisation of the Pinney equation
CRM-2461Winternitz, P.Nonlinear difference equations with superposition formulas
CRM-2457Arminjon, P., Viallon, M.-C., Madrane, A.A finite volume extension of the Lax-Friedrichs and Nessyahu-Tadmor schemes for conservation laws on unstructured grids
CRM-2460Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Analytical solutions to eddy current testing problems for a layered medium with varying properties
CRM-2456Grammaticos, B., Ramani, A., Winternitz, P.Discretizing families of linearizable equations
CRM-2455Château, J.-P., Dufresne, D.The put option of bank credit commitments: A two-factor model of credit risk
CRM-2450Orlov, A. Y., Winternitz, P.$P_\infity$ algebra of KP, free fermions and 2-cocycle in the Lie algebra of pseudodifferential operator
CRM-2447Orlov, A. Y., Winternitz, P.Algebra of pseudodifferential operators and symmetries of equations in the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchy
CRM-2449Lina, J.-M.Complex Daubechies wavelets: filters design and applications
CRM-2459Moody, R. V., Patera, J.Minimal distances, densities, and coverings of quasicrystals
CRM-2452Kirillov, A. N.Quantum Schubert polynomials and quantum Schur functions
CRM-2451Papageorgiou, Y.SL2, the cubic and the quartic
CRM-2448Jurco, B., Schupp, P.Twisted quantum Lax equations
CRM-2454Château, J.-P., Dufresne, D.Un modèle à deux facteurs des engagements de crédit: évaluation et risque de crédit
CRM-2563Abe, Y., Giraud, B. G., Hahn, Y., Inamori, H., LeTourneux, J.Adiabatic models of the Efimov Effect
CRM-2494Arsenault, M., Doray, L. G.Estimators of the regression parameters of the zeta distribution
CRM-2493Doray, L. G., Huard, L.On some goodness-of-fit test for the Poisson distribution

July 19, 2006