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CRM-2405Rosenberg, I. G.Sur les tolérances d'une algèbre
CRM-2399Frigon, M.On continuation methods for contractive and nonexpansive mappings
CRM-2417Dufresne, D.On a property of gamma distributions
CRM-2418Dufresne, D.On a identity due to Bougerol
CRM-2400Hikita, T., Rosenberg, I. G.Completeness for uniformly delayed circuits, a survey
CRM-2244Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.The optimal design problem of Céa and Malanowski revisited
CRM-2249Floreanini, R., Negro, J., Nieto, J., Vinet, L.Symmetries of the heat equations on the lattice
CRM-2245Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.On a geometrical bang-bang principle for some compliance problems
CRM-2248Floreanini, R., LeTourneux, J., Vinet, L.More on the $q$-oscillator algebra and $q$-orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2242Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Modelling and control of thin/shallow shells
CRM-2247Angers, J.-F.Fourier transform and Bayes estimator of a location parameter
CRM-2243Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Distance functions curvatures and application to the theory of shells
CRM-2246Jimbo, M., Kedem, R., Konno, H., Miwa, T., Weston, R.Difference equations in spin chains with a boundary
CRM-2289Champagne, B., Kjiri , M., Patera, J., Sharp, R.Description of reflection generated polytopes using decorated Coxeter diagrams
CRM-2246-1Floreanini, R., LeTourneux, J., Vinet, L.An algebraic interpretation of continuous big $q$-Hermite polynomials
CRM-2233Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.A model of the continuous $q$-ultraspherical polynomials
CRM-2257Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Symmetries of $q$-deformed heat equations
CRM-2264Granas, A., Lassonde, M.Some elementary general principles of convex analysis
CRM-2255Paré, D., Angers, J.-F., MacGibbon, B.Simutaneous estimation of the means of an exchangeable Poisson random vector
CRM-2254Atakishiyev, N.Ramanujan-type continuous measures for classical $q$-polynomials
CRM-2253Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.Periodic closures of Christoffel transformations and orthogonal polynomials on several intervals
CRM-2262Grundland, A. M., Winternitz, P., Zakrzewski, W. J. M.On the solutions of the $\mathbf{C}P^1$ model in $(2+1)$ dimensions
CRM-2251Zhedanov, A.On a mapping of the symmetric orthogonal polynomials onto the unit circle
CRM-2260Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Method of solution of forward problems in eddy-current testing
CRM-2267Rousseau, C., Toni, B.Local bifurcations of critical periods in the reduced Kukles system
CRM-2256Levi, D., Winternitz, P.Lie point symmetries of differential difference equations
CRM-2261Tolar, J., Travnicek, P.Graded contractions and the conformal group of Minkowski space-time
CRM-2258Bélair, J., Campbell, S. A., Van den Driessche, P.Frustration, stability and delay-induced oscillations in a neural network model
CRM-2265Delfour, M. C., Dubeau, F.Fixed mesh approximation of ordinary differential equations with impulses
CRM-2259Bélair, J., Glass, L., Heiden, U. a. d., Milton, J.Dynamical disease: identification, temporal aspects and treatment strategies of human illness
CRM-2250Winternitz, P., Levi, D.Continuous symmetries of differential-difference equations
CRM-2263Grundland, A. M., Rideau, G.Conditional symmetries for 1st order systems of PDEs in the context of the Clairin method
CRM-2252Vinet, L., Zhedanov, A.An integrable chain associated with Uvarov-Chihara problem for orthogonal polynomials
CRM-2268Loutsenko, I., Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.On the spectra of $q$-oscillator with linear interaction
CRM-2271Grundland, A. M., Kovalyov, M., Sussman, M.On the behavior of some explicit solutions of the harmonic maps equation
CRM-2269Floreanini, R., Vinet, L.Lie symmetries of finite-difference equations
CRM-2274Bougourzi, H., Vinet, L.Quantum deformation of the \mathcal Z-algebra
CRM-2275Lari-Lavassani, A.On finite determinacy of germs and sufficiency of jets
CRM-2273Sankoff, D., Ferretti, V.Karyotype distribution in a stochastic model of reprocical translocation
CRM-2270Ferretti, V., Sankoff, D.A remarkable nonlinear invariant for evolution with heterogeneous rates
CRM-2277Karoui, A., Vaillancourt, R.A numerical mehod for vanishing-lag delay differential equations
CRM-2278Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.$q$ ultraspherical polynomial for $q$ a root of unity
CRM-2276Hussin, V., Lauzon, A., Rideau, G.$R$-matrix method for the oscillator group
CRM-2280Dubuc, S., Zaoui, M.The fractal dimension of a union of trinomial arcs
CRM-2287Gazeau, J.-P., Patera, J.Tau-wavelet analysis for five-fold quasicrystals
CRM-2282Floreanini, R., Negro, J., Nieto, L. M., Vinet, L.Symmetries of the wave equation in a uniform lattice
CRM-2284Dubois, S.Structural processes in enumeration
CRM-2283Sankoff, D., Sundaram, G., Kececioglu, J.Steiner points in the space of genome rearrangements
CRM-2279El Gradechi, A.On the super-unitarity of discrete series representations of orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras
CRM-2281Levi, D., Sanielevici, M.Irrotational water waves and the complex Korteweg-de Vries equations
CRM-2389Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Stern, R. J.Fixed point theory via nonsmooth analysis
CRM-2285Sankoff, D., Nadeau, J. H.Conserved synteny as a measure of genomic distance
CRM-2291Hijazi, O.Twistor operators and eigenvalues of the Dirac operator
CRM-2286Lafortune, S., Winternitz, P.Superposition formulas for pseudounitary matrix Riccati equations
CRM-2292Ivanov, A. F., Losson, J.Stable rapidly oscillating solutions in delay equations with negative feedback
CRM-2420Van Vliet, C. M.Responsitivity and noise in illustrative solid-state chemical sensors
CRM-2290Hussin, V., Rideau, G.Quantum fermionic oscillator group from $R$-matrix method
CRM-2297Spiridonov, V., Zhedanov, A.Symmetry preserving quantization and self-similar potentials
CRM-2419Van Vliet, C. M., Huisso, A.New noise problems in an old form: \‘Recycling\’ fluctuation phenomena
CRM-2295Doyle, P., Grundland, A. M.Invariant solutions of quasilinear systems of partial differential equations
CRM-2296Berest, Y.Invariant solutions of quasilinear systems of partial differential equations
CRM-2397Shahbazian, E.Feasibility study on sensor data fusion for the CP-140 aircraft — Fusion architecture analyses
CRM-2272Vinet, L.Exact operator solution of the Calogero-Sutherland model
CRM-2298Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Differential equations for linear shells: comparison between intrinsic and classical models
CRM-2293Ohshika, K. i.A convergence theorem for Kleinian groups which are free groups
CRM-2294Lapointe, L., Vinet, L.A Rodrigues formula for the Jack polynomials and the Macdonald-Stanley conjectures
CRM-2314Gandenberger, G. M., Mackay, N. J., Watts, G.Twisted algebra $R$-matrices and $S$-matrices for affine Toda solitons and their bound states
CRM-2352Gazeau, J.-P., Patera, J.Tau-wavelets of Haar ($\tau = \frac{1}{2}(1 + \sqrt{5})$)$
CRM-2308Ehrlich, J., Sankoff, D., Nadeau, J. H.Synteny conservation and chromosome rearrangements during mammalian evolution
CRM-2312Levi, D., Winternitz, P.Symmetries of discrete dynamical systems
CRM-2305Winternitz, P.Subalgebras of Lie algebras and their applications in physics
CRM-2299Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Shape analysis via distance functions II
CRM-2313Mathieu, P., Watts, G.Probing integrable perturbations of conformal theories using singular vectors
CRM-2310Blanchette, M., Kunisawa, T., Sankoff, D.Parametric genome rearrangement
CRM-2309Ferretti, V., Nadeau, J. H., Sankoff, D.Original synteny
CRM-2311Bougourzi, H., Vinet, L.On the relation between $U_q(\widehat{sl}(2))$ vertex operators and $q$-zonal functions
CRM-2304Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.New intrinsic models for shells
CRM-2306Grundland, A. M., Lalague, L.Invariant and partially invariant solutions of the equations describing a nonstationnary and isentropic flow for an ideal and compressible fluid in (3+1) dimensions
CRM-2303Campbell, S. A., Bélair, J.Hopf bifurcation in a second order differential equation with delayed feedback
CRM-2307Montini, E., Schlomiuk, N.Fonctions continues et fonctions continues à la Darboux: une approche historique
CRM-2302Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Curvatures and skeleton in shape optimization
CRM-2300Saint-Aubin, Y.Conformal invariance of a model of percolation on random lattices
CRM-2301Delfour, M. C., Zolésio, J.-P.Bounded total curvature sets
CRM-2319Yang, G., Delfour, M. C., Fortin, M.Uniformly convergent mixed finite elements for cylindrical shells
CRM-2315Bensebah, A., Dubeau, F., Gélinas, J.Numerical integration and $A$-stability of Galerkin methods for ordinary differential equations
CRM-2317Levi, D., Vinet, L., Winternitz, P.Lie group formalism for difference equations
CRM-2366Dumortier, F., El Morsalani, M., Rousseau, C.Hilbert's 16th problem for quadratic systems and cyclicity of elementary graphics
CRM-2318Stern, R. J.Fixed points and zeros of multifunctions in non-Lipschitzian sets
CRM-2316Clarke, F. H., Ledyaev, Y., Radulescu, M.Approximate invariance and differential inclusions in Hilbert spaces
CRM-2401Rosenberg, I. G.Wall monoids I
CRM-2320Ayari, S., Dubuc, S.La formule de Cauchy sur la longueur d'une courbe
CRM-2321Horvath, C. D., Lassonde, M.Intersection of sets with $n$-connected unions
CRM-2322Derun, E. N., Kolyshkin, A. A., Vaillancourt, R.Interaction of phase-shifted fields of two single-turn coils situated above a conducting medium
CRM-2323Abdelmalek, M. A., Leng-Shatford, X., Patera, J., Winternitz, P.Grading refinements in the contractions of Lie algebras and their invariants
CRM-2363Kallel, S.Divisor spaces on punctured Riemann surfaces
CRM-2367Mardesic, P., Moser-Jauslin , L., Rousseau, C.Darboux linearization and isochronous centers with a rational first integral
CRM-2325Berest, Y.Lacunae of hyperbolic Riesz' kernel and commutative rings of partial differential operator
CRM-2324Floreanini, R., LeTourneux, J., Vinet, L.A $q$-deformed e(4) and continuous $q$-Jacobi polynomials
CRM-2328Gazeau, J.-P., Spiridonov, V.Toward the discrete wavelets with irrational scaling factor
CRM-2364Kallel, S., Milgram, J.The geometry of the space of holomorphic maps from a Riemann surface to a complex projective space
CRM-2326Yang, G., Dutto, L. C., Fortin, M.Inexact block Jacobi-Broyden methods for solving nonlinear systems of equations
CRM-2327Izmestev, A. A., Pogosyan, G., Sissakian, A. N., Winternitz, P.Contractions of Lie algebras and separation de variables

July 19, 2006