August 2010

Asymptotic cones
M. Sapir (Vanderbilt)

Quasi-isometric rigidity
D. Fisher (Indiana University)

Membership problems in group
B. Steinberg (Carleton) and D. Serbin (Université de Genève)

September 2010

Algorithmic Group Theory
R. Gilman (Stevens Institute of Technology) and A. Miasnikov (McGill)

Group-based cryptography
V. Shpilrain (CUNY) and A. Ushakov (Stevens Institute of Technology)

October 2010

Groups acting on R-trees
M. Bestvina (Utah)

Branch groups
V. Nekrashevich (Texas A&M)

Equations in solvable groups
N. Romanovskii (Novosibirsk)

Complexity of the diophantine problem in a free group
I. Lysenok (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

Generalizations of relative hyperbolicity
D. Osin (CUNY)