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Dans le cadre de l'Année thématique 1999-2000

Atelier AARMS-CRM sur
Les transformations de Bäcklund et de Darboux :
La géométrie de la théorie des solitons

A. V. Bäcklund

4-9 juin 1999

Halifax, Nouvelle Écosse

L'objectif de cet atelier est de regrouper des chercheurs actifs dans la théorie des solitons. L'accent sera mis sur le développement et les applications des transformations de Bäcklund et de Darboux.
Gaston Darboux
A. V. Bäcklund Gaston Darboux

Organisateurs :
Mark J. Ablowitz (Colorado), Alan Coley (AARMS, Dalhousie), Athanassios S. Fokas (Imperial College), Decio Levi (Roma 3), Peter J. Olver (Minnesota), Colin Rogers (New South Wales), Pavel Winternitz (CRM)

Conférenciers invités :
M.J. Ablowitz (Colorado), Y.A. Aminov (Kharkiv), I. Anderson (Utah State), N. Atakishiyev (UNAM, Mexico), Y. Berest (Berkeley), O. Bogoyavlenskij (Queen's), M. Boiti (Lecce), J. Cieslinski (Warsaw), P. Clarkson (Kent), A. Coley (AARMS, Dalhousie), R. Conte (CEA-Saclay), F. Estabrook (Caltech), M. Fels (Utah State), E. Ferapontov (Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow), D. Finley (New Mexico), A.S. Fokas (Imperial College), J. Gegenberg (New Brunswick), V.I. Gromak (Bielorussian State), A. Grünbaum (UC Berkeley), M. Grundland (CRM), M. Gurses (Bilkent), M. Havlicek (Faculty of Nuclear Science, Prague), J. Hietarinta (*) (Turku), L. Hlavaty (Czech Technical Univ.), C. Hoenselaers (Loughborough), N. Joshi (Adelaide), N. Kamran (McGill), A. Kasman (MSRI), B. Konopelchenko (Lecce), M. Kruskal (Rutgers), V. Kuznetsov (Leeds), S. Lafortune (CRM), M. Legaré (Alberta), D. Levi (Roma 3), Wen-Xiu Ma (City Univ., Hong Kong), P. Mathieu (Laval), O. Mokhov (Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow), M. Musette (Brussel), G. Neugebauer (Friedrich-Schiller), J. Nimmo (Glasgow), P.J. Olver (Minnesota), M. Paranjape (Montréal), F. Pempinelli (Lecce), O. Ragnisco (*) (Roma 3), S. Rauch (Linköping), E.G. Reyes (Utah State), C. Rogers (New South Wales), P. Santini (Roma 1), W. Schief (UNSW), R. Schmid (Emory), H. Steudel (Max-Planck Institute), A. Sym (*) (Warsaw), K. Tenenblat (Brasilia), Z. Thomova (SUNY, Utica) A. Turbiner (UNAM, Mexico), P. Wiegmann (*) (Chicago), P. Winternitz (CRM), W. Zakrzewski (*) (Durham)
(*) à confirmer

Logement :
The meeting will be held at the Citadel Halifax Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1960 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). Rooms for participnts have been reserved at the hotel. The cost for a room is $89.00 (Canadian) +15% sales tax. The cost is the same, whether the occupation is single, or double. The price is for the room only, not full board. We ask participants to make their reservations directly with the hotel. Dates importantes:

Conférences précédant l'atelier :
The workshop will be preceeded by a series of introductory lectures on the same topic to be given at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. from Wednesday June 2 through Friday June 4, 1999. Lecturers include N. Kamran, D. Levi, C. Rogers, W. Schief and others.

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