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for the activities of the 1998-1999 Theme Year in

Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

Use this form to register for any activity or set of activities of the 1998-1999 Theme Year in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry except for the NATO Advanced Study Institute/CRM Summer School, the CMS Winter Meeting and the Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association.

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W1 Workshop on Algebraic modular forms and Modular forms mod p 2nd - 8th October 1998
W2 Workshop on Analytic number theory 23rd - 28th October 1998
W3 Workshop on Representations of reductive p-adic groups 9th May - 4th June 1999
W4 Workshop on Arithmetical algebraic geometry 14th - 18th May 1999
W5 Moonshine Workshop 29th May - 4th June 1999
Seminar Courses:
(Seminar courses will last from one to three months.)
S1 Modular forms and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture (Lecturer: H. Darmon) September-December 1998
S2 The Chebotarev density theorem and some applications (Lecturer: K. Murty) October 1998
S3 An introduction to sieve methods (Lecturer: R. Murty) November 1998
(Mini-courses will last two weeks each.)
M1 Iwasawa theory of modular forms (Lecturer: M. Bertolini) September 1998
M2 Ordinary representations and modular forms (Lecturer: C. Skinner) October 1998
M3 Rankin-Selberg L-functions (Lecturer: C.S. Rajan) November 1998
M4 Modular forms and modular curves (Lecturer: I. Chen) January 1999
M5 Automorphic forms over function fields (Lecturer: A. Schweizer) January 1999
M6 Hilbert modular varieties (Lecturer: E. Goren) February 1999
M7 Topics in p-adic Galois representations (Lecturer: A. Iovita) February 1999
M8 Polynomial constructions, Galois theory and elliptic curves (Lecturer: J.-F. Mestre) March 1999
M9 The spectrum of multiplicative values. The distribution, and extreme values, of L-functions (Lecturer: A. Granville) March 1999
M10 Representations of reductive p-adic groups (Lecturer: F. Murnaghan) April 1999

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