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IXth CRM Summer School, 1999

Theoretical Physics at the End of the XXth Century

June 27 - July 10, 1999
Banff, Alberta, Canada


From the engraved title page of the Systema Cosmicum, Galileo Galilei (1641).
From left to right: Aristotle, Ptolemy and Copernicus.

The School will cover a large spectrum of active topics in theoretical physics such as conformal field theory and its applications, string theory and duality, mesoscopic systems, integrable models, disordered systems, cosmology, Bose-Einstein condensation as well as new fields of interest to physicists like quantum information processing and statistical physics in finance.


  • Yvan Saint-Aubin
    Univ. de Montréal and CRM

  • Luc Vinet
    Univ. de Montréal and CRM

Invited Speakers

Speaker:Affiliation:Title of Talk:
Ian Affleck Univ. of British Columbia Boundary CFT Approach to Quantum Impurity Problems in Condensed Matter Physics
Gilles Brassard Univ. de Montreal Quantum Information Processing
Eric D'Hoker UCLA Seiberg-Witten theory and Integrable Models
Michael Duff Texas A&M An Introduction to M-Theory and Supermembranes
Krzysztof Gawedzki IHES Easy Turbulence
Brian R. Greene Columbia Univ. Geometry and Quantum Gravity
Allan Griffin (o) University of Toronto Bose condensation and the new world of coherent matter waves
Satoru Odake Shinsu Univ. Beyond CFT: the Symmetry Point of View
José N. Onuchic (o) UCSD Exploring the protein folding funnel landscape: connection between theory and experiments
Marc Potters Science & Finance, Paris Statistical Finance - New Problems for Physicists
Ben Simons Cambridge Univ. Mesoscopic Physics
Steven Weinberg (*) Texas [T.B.A.]
Frank Wilczek Institute for Advanced Study QCD in Extreme Conditions
(*) to be confirmed
Others lecturers have been contacted. They will be listed as soon as they are confirmed.
(o) This speaker has been added to the program since the School poster was printed.


Accommodations will be available at the Banff Centre for Conferences. Deep in the Canadian Rockies, the Centre is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking mountain wilderness in the world. The conference rates, which include bedroom accommodation and three buffet meals daily, are:

All prices are exclusive of 12% tax.


Basic registration information, including name, status, institutional affiliation, mailing address, daytime telephone number, fax number and email address, may be conveyed to the CRM by mail, fax or e-mail (see Our Coordinates at the bottom of this page), or using the on-line registration form.

To secure their registration and accommodation, interested persons must remit to the CRM, no later than the 1st of May 1999, a non-refundable deposit equal to one day at the indicated rate for the type of accommodation requested. A social activity fee of CDN $100 (students and recent Ph.D.'s) or CDN $150 (faculty members) for refreshments and activities that cannot be paid for with government or institutional funds, is also required by May 1, 1999.

Financial Support

Some financial support to help defray part of travel and living expenses is available; graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s (up to five years) are especially encouraged to apply. At the same time, since the available funds are limited, participants are also encouraged to seek support from other sources; for this purpose a letter of invitation can be provided on request.

Requests for financial support must be received at the CRM no later than February 28, 1999. As with registration, an application for financial support may be submitted by mail, fax, email or on-line. In addition to the basic registration information (see above), an application for financial aid must include a curriculum vitae with a list of publications, a paragraph describing how this Summer School will benefit the applicant's research, and, in the case of graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s, a letter of recommendation.

Funds are still available. Requests for financial assistance will be considered as they are received. (Remark added March 29th, 1999.)

Our Coordinates

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