A block of rooms in the Université de Montréal Residences has been reserved for Theory CANADA 4, until 1 April 2008. The Residence has been renovated recently, and the rooms are quite comfortable. Each conference participant must make his/her own reservation as soon as possible. To do this, please go to the web site: and follow the link "Online Booking". Be sure to choose "Theory Canada 4" from the "Event list" in the reservation form.

The conference will attempt to reimburse all speakers for their lodging costs, up to the SOLO rate at the Residences. However, this cannot be considered a firm guarantee until the end of the conference due to budgetary uncertainties.

NOTE: The conference coincides with an automobile race in Montreal. As a result, hotel accommodation may be very hard to find, and very expensive. You are therefore strongly advised to make a reservation (be it at the Residences or in another hotel) as soon as possible.