Workshop on Superintegrability in Classical and Quantum Systems

16 - 21 September, 2002

Centre de recherches mathématiques
Université de Montréal
Montréal, (Québec)

Organizing Committee

P. Winternitz, (Montréal), chairman,
J. Harnad
P. Tempesta (Montréal ),
W.Miller, Jr (Minneapolis),
G.Pogosyan (Yerevan & Cuernavaca & Dubna),
M.A.Rodriguez (Madrid)

Registration and Accomodation



A superintegrable system is one that has more integrals of motion than degrees of freedom. A maximally superintegrable system has 2n-1 integrals of motion, n of them in involution. In classical mechanics such systems have stable periodic orbits (all finite orbits are periodic). In quantum mechanics all known superintegrable systems have been shown to be exactly solvable.Their energy spectrum is degenerate and can be calculated algebraically. The spectra of superintegrable systems may also have other interesting properties such as saturation of eigenfunction norm bounds.

A registration fee of $150.00 CDN will be charged and will include a copy of the Proceedings. Students and postdoctoral fellows have the option of paying a $25 CDN registration fee (that does not include the Proceedings). Some financial assistance for local expenses will be available.

Topics covered at the workshop include:

  • Separation of variables in multiple coordinate systems
  • Symmetry reduction
  • Localization phenomena
  • Saturation of eigenfunction norm bounds
  • Classical and quantum R-matrix techniques
  • Foliations by closed orbits
  • Relation to exact solvability
  • Other related topics


Currently confirmed participants:

A. Ballesteros (Universidad de Burgos, Spain), J. Bérubé (CRM et Université de Montréal), F. Calogero (Rome 1), A. Cheviakov (Queen's University), T. Curtright (University of Miami), J. Daboul (Ben Gurion Univ., Israel), C. Daskaloyannis (Thesaloniki, Greece), M. del Olmo (Valladolid, Spain), E. Ferapontov (Loughborough University, U.K.), J.P. Françoise (Paris 6), J. P. Gazeau (U. Paris VII), D. Gomez-Ullate (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), C. Gonera (Lodz, Poland), G. Goujvina (Moscow State University), S. Gravel (Université de Montréal), M. Grundland (UQTR and CRM), F. Gunger (Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey), J. Harnad (Concordia and CRM), M. Havlicek (Technical Univ., Czech Republic), F. J. Herranz (Universidad de Burgos), J. Hurtubise (McGill, CRM & Montréal), V. Hussin (Montréal and CRM), D. Jakobson (McGill), V. Jaksic (McGill), N. Kamran (McGill), I. Komarov (Saint Petersburg, Russia), S. Kone (Université de Cocody, Côte d'Ivoire), D. Korotkin (Concordia), L. Mardoyan (ICAS, Armenia), R. McLenaghan (Waterloo), P. Mathieu, (Laval), R. G. McLenaghan (University of Waterloo), J. Meloche (Waterloo), W. Miller (Minnesota), M. Moshinsky (UNAM, Mexico), A. Nikitin (Inst. Math. Kiev, Ukraine), Y. Nutku (Feza Gursey Institute, Turkey), A. Penskoi (CRM & Université de Montréal ), G. Pogosyan (ICAS, Armenia & CCF, Mexico), O. Ragnisco (Roma Tre, Italy), M. Ranada ( Zaragoza, Spain), S. Rauch (Linkoping, Sweden), T. Robart (Howard), M.A. Rodriguez (Complutense, Spain), D. Rowe, (Toronto), M. Santander (Valladolid, Spain), M.B. Sheftel (Feza Gursey Institute, Turkey), R. Smirnov (Waterloo), Y. Smirnov (UNAM, Mexico), V. Sokolov (Landau Institute, Russia), K. Takasaki (Kyoto), P. Tempesta (CRM), D. The (UBC), J. Toth (McGill), A. Turbiner (UNAM, Mexico), Y. Uwano (AMP, Japan), P. Winternitz (CRM & Montréal), T. Wolf (Brock University, St. Catharines), M. Yakimov (Cornell University), O. Yermolayeva (CRM), A. Zhalij (Inst. Math., Kiev, Ukraine), M. Znojil (UJV, Rez, Czech Republic).

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