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Workshop on Analysis and Resolution of Singularities

August 18th - Septembre 5th, 2003
On Labour Day, Monday, September 1, the CRM will be closed.
There will be no lectures.

Centre de recherches mathématiques,
Université de Montréal
Montréal (Québec), Canada

Ed Bierstone (Toronto), R. Melrose (MIT), P. MilMan (Toronto), Duong H. Phong (Columbia)


We wish to acknowledge The National Science Foundation (NSF) for their contribution
(NSF grant DMS-0339017)

Effective methods in resolution of singularities are becoming central to a modern generation of problems from analysis and geometry, for example, spectral theory and Hodge theorem for algebraic varities, stability of oscillating integrals, existence of Kähler-Einstein metrics, sharp forms of Moser-Trudinger inequalities. The diversity of the problems and their very different origins and aims have led to a lack of communication among researchers on these and related topics. This program, bringing together leading experts in resolution of singularities, complex differential geometry, and real analysis and partial differential equations, may have ground-breaking impact.

Invited Speakers

J. Brüning (Humboldt), S. Chanillo (Rutgers), Xiuxiong Chen (Wisconsin) (*), M. Christ (Berkeley) (*), J. D'Angelo (Illinois), K. Diederich (Wuppertal) (*), L. Ein (Illinois), C. Fefferman (Princeton) (*), A. Futaki (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), A. Greenleaf (Rochester), E. Hunsicker (Lawrence), J. Hurtubise (McGill), N. Kamran (McGill), R. Lazarsfeld (Michigan), B. Lichtin (Rochester), Zhiqin Lu (Irvine), T. Mabuchi (Osaka), R. Mazzeo (Stanford), J. McNeal (Ohio State), M. Mustata (Nice), T. Ohsawa (Nagoya), W. Pawlucki (Jagiellonian), L.Saper (Duke), Y.T. Siu (Harvard) (*), K. Smith (Michigan) (*), E.M. Stein (Princeton) (*), J. Sturm (Rutgers), J. Toth (McGill) (*), A.Varchenko (UNC), S. Wainger (Wisconsin), J. Wlodarczyk (Purdue), J. Wunsch (SUNY), M. Zworski (Berkeley) (*).

Invited Participants

J. Adamus (Toronto), A. Comech (Toronto), C. Grant Melles (US Naval Academy) (*), M. Greenblatt (MIT), D. Grieser (Humboldt), J. Loftin (Columbia), G. Marinescu (Humboldt), M. Pflaum (Frankfurt), M. Pramanik (Wisconsin) (*), J. Song (Columbia), S. Tankeev (Vladimir State Technical) (*), S. Vassiliadou (Georgetown), B. Weinkove (Columbia), J. Wright (Edinburgh), Chan Woo Yang (Johns Hopkins).

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