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Accomodation (rooms at the university residences have been specially reserved for this activity)

Theme Year 2003-2004

We wish to acknowledge The National Science Foundation (NSF) for their contribution (NSF grant DMS-0339017)

Metrics whose curvature satisfies constraints (the so-called special geometries), as well as the relation between curvature and topology have been of interest since the beginning of differential geometry. More recently, such metrics have come to the fore in physical problems related to string theory. The short programme will concentrate with mainstream issues of the subjects.

Financial Support

Support is available for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows attending the short courses (first week): accommodation at the University dormitories or $200 CDN. A request for financial aid must be accompanied by the names and affiliations of two mathematicians for recommendation. Please send your application to activities@CRM.UMontreal.CA and specify the support you would prefer (accommodation or $200 CDN).

Short courses will be given by

Michael Anderson (SUNY), Karsten Grove (Maryland), Nigel Hitchin (Oxford), Simon Salamon (London).

Invited speakers

Michael Anderson (SUNY), Olivier Biquard (Strasbourg), Roger Bielawski (Glasgow), Charles Boyer (Albuquerque), Hubert Bray,(MIT), Robert Bryant (Duke), David Calderbank (Edinburgh), Jingyi Chen (UBC), Xiuxiong Chen (Madison), Andrew Dancer (Oxford), Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge), Kris Galicki (Albuquerque), Paul Gauduchon (Palaiseau), Ailana Fraser (UBC), Karsten Grove (Maryland), Pengfei Guan (Hamilton), Mark Herzlich (Montpellier), Nigel Hitchin (Oxford), Claude LeBrun (SUNY), Naichung Conan Leung (Minnesota), Joachim Lohkamp (Augsburg), Christophe Margerin (École Polytechnique), Maung Min-Oo (Hamilton), Alexandre Nabutovsky (Toronto), Don Page (Alberta), George Papadopulos (Cambridge), Henrik Pedersen (Odense), Peter Petersen (UCLA), Yat-Sun Poon (UCR), Christopher Pope (Texas A & M), Regina Rotman (Toronto), Simon Salamon (London), Michael Singer (Edinburgh), Krishnan Shankar (Oklahoma), Xiaodong Wang (MIT), Burkhard Wilking (Munster), Wolfgang Ziller (UPenn).

April 7, 2004, webmaster@CRM.UMontreal.CA

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