This school is a second part of the joint semester "Frontiers in Mathematical Physics" organized by the Université de Cergy-Pontoise, and McGill University and the CRM. The first part of the semester will be held at Cergy in May 2011.

July 1-10 will be a concentration period devoted to scientific interaction and collaboration.

Jan Derezinski will give a special 15-hour course on Quantum Electrodynamics July 11-15, 3 hours per day.

The summer school lectures will take place July 18-22 and 25-29. There will be 3 hour mini-course lectures and invited talks. The lectures will be accessible to graduate students. About 2/3 of the lectures will focus on open problems and overall state of art regarding various research directions in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. The other lectures will deal with the state of the art developments in other ares of statistical mechanics.