Université de Montréal


Terrasse Royale Hotel is the only hotel located near the CRM at less than a 15 minute-walk from the campus.

Rooms are also available at the Université de Montréal Residences [www.studioshotel.ca]. Once on the Residences web site, please follow the link "Online Booking". Be sure to choose "Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM)" from the "Event list" in the reservation form.

Other housing suggestions.

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The zeroes (crosses) of the orthogonal polynomials - up to degree 54 - in the plane for a measure with a repulsive charge at z=1. The bean-shaped region is the support of the asymptotic equilibrium distribution and the line extending between the two apices is the skeleton (mother-body) of the domain. The gro wth of this region follows the Laplacian-growth evolution, the area increasing linearly in time.