The conference will consist of 10-12 talks starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday at noon. Some of the lectures will survey the current state of classical, unstable homotopy theory problems like the Moore conjectures concerning homotopy exponents or the Barratt conjecture. Some others will be concerned with recent developments in the field, in particular, relations to group theory as well as the study of configuration spaces.

Confirmed participants

Martin Arkowitz (Dartmouth College)
Tony Bahri (Rider University)
Martin Bendersky(CUNY, Hunter College)
Peter Bubenik (Cleveland State University)
Fred Cohen (University of Rochester)
Samuel Gitler (CINVESTAV)
Brayton Gray (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Steven Halperin (University of Maryland)
John Harper (University of Rochester)
Kathryn Hess (École Polytechique de Lausanne)
Rick Jardine (University of Western Ontario)
André Joyal (UQAM)
Richard Kane (University of Western Ontario)
Ran Levi (University of Aberdeen)
Greg Lupton (Cleveland State University)
Howard Marcum (Ohio State University)
Chuck McGibbon (Wayne State University)
Haynes Miller (MIT)
Joe Neisendorfer (University of Rochester)
John Oprea (Cleveland State University)
Janice Pearce (Berea College)
Duane Randall (Loyola University)
Doug Ravenel (University of Rochester)
Joe Roitberg (CUNY, Hunter College)
Paul Silberbush (Guy Carpenter and Co.)
William Singer (Fordham University)
Jim Stasheff (University of North Carolina)
Daniel Tanré (Université de Lille 1)
Larry Taylor (University of Notre Dame)