During the first week, from July 3 to 7, there will be five mini-courses focusing on emerging ideas in Geometric Group Theory that will be especially aimed at graduate students, but are sure to be of wider interest. Here is the list of lecturers and the mini-courses they will present:

Mike Davis (Ohio State): L2-Betti numbers
Chris Hruska (Chicago): Relative hyperbolicity
Graham Niblo (Southampton) and Michah Sageev (Technion): CAT(0) cube complexes
Jacek Swiatkowski (Wroclaw): Simplicial nonpositive curvature
Kevin Whyte (UIC): Quasi-isometric rigidity

During the second week, from July 10 to 14, there will be a workshop featuring some of the exciting new developments in the Geometric Group Theory.We expect around twenty talks during the workshop week.

Confirmed speakers

Jason Behrstock (Utah)
Marc Bourdon (Nancy I)
Noel Brady (Oklahoma)
Inna Bumagin (Carleton)
Ruth Charney (Brandeis)
Thomas Delzant (Louis Pasteur)
Mark Feighn (Rutgers)
Soren Galatius (Stanford)
Tim Hsu (San Jose State)
Olga Kharlampovich (McGill),
Bruce Kleiner (Yale)
Ian Leary (Southampton)
Dan Margalit (Utah)
Jon McCammond (UCSB)
Alexei Miasnikov (McGill)
Lee Mosher (Rutgers)
Shahar Mozes (Hebrew)
Denis Osin (CUNY)
Bertrand Remy (Institut Camille Jordan)
Roman Sauer (Göttingen)
Karen Vogtmann (Cornell).

There may be a panel of shorter talks at the workshop, and participants wishing to contribute should e-mail a title and abstract to pelletier@crm.umontreal.ca. At this stage we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all such requests.