In the past two decades we witnessed a spectacular interaction between symplectic topology and the theory of dynamical systems. One of the main exponents of this interaction is Floer theory, a powerful machinery which combines ingredients from infinite-dimensional Morse theory, complex algebraic geometry and elliptic PDE's. In spite of the substantial progress achieved, a number of major problems are still open and the foundations are still under construction. Nowadays the subject is speedily developing and attracting the best researchers all over the world.

The main topics of the conference include recent exciting developments in the foundations of Floer theory, various aspects of symplectic and contact dynamics, symplectic capacities and packing problems, topology of Lagrangian submanifolds and algebraic and geometric properties of groups of symplectic and contact transformations. A special attention will be paid to recent developments in Floer theory related to mathematical physics such as mirror symmetry and symplectic field theory. The meeting will bring together the top world experts in the field as well as junior researchers.