This International Workshop seeks to build bridges between the theoretical and applied communities by bringing together experts with very different backgrounds and expertise within the engineering, science, and applied mathematics communities, and promoting themes of common interest in classical and emerging areas of Applied Dynamical Systems research.  For the engineering and applied science communities, this workshop will provide the opportunity to obtain first-hand  information on recent developments in related mathematical areas, and to point out directions where further research is needed to solve important problems. The applied mathematics community will benefit from the opportunity to obtain information on a variety of possible applications.

A special aspect of the conference will be a celebration of the 60th birthday of Philip Holmes, including a banquet in his honour.

Invited Speakers

Dieter Armbruster (Arizona State University)
Sue Ann Campbell (University of Waterloo)
David Chillingworth (University of Southampton)
Gabor Damokos (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Robert J Full (University of California, Berkeley)
Robert Ghrist (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
John Guckenheimer (Cornell University)
David Rand (University of Warwick)
Richard Rand (Cornell University)
Eric Shea-Brown (Courant Institute)
Steven Shaw (Michigan State University)
Emily Stone (University of Montana)