School: Combinatorics on Words
March 5-9, 2007

The goal of this mini-course will be to introduce the basic methods of combinatorics on words. The topics will cover finite and infinite words, Sturmian words, patterns,  codes, noncommutative series and polynomials. Lectures will be given by leading researchers in the field. Tentatively Jean Berstel and Christophe Reutenauer.

Workshop: Recent Progress in Combinatorics on Words
March 12-16, 2007

Centre de recherches mathématiques

Scientific organizers: S. Brlek (UQAM), C. Reutenauer (UQAM) and B. Sagan (Michigan State)

This workshop will include expository talks as well as presentations on current research highlighting the flow of ideas between combinatorics  on words and several other fields of mathematics and theoretical computer science. In particular, we want to stress combinatorial, algebraic and algorithmic aspects,  while underlying the manifold interactions with other fields, and particularly  Number Theory, Theoretical Computer Science and Algebra.