Mini-workshop: Algebraic Combinatorics meets Inverse Systems

January 19-21, 2007
Centre de recherches mathématiques

Scientific organizers: F. Bergeron (UQAM), K. Dalili (Dalhousie), S. Faridi (Dalhousie) and A. Lauve (UQAM).

This mini-workshop will be a continuation of a sequence of successful such workshops held in Kingston in 2004, Ottawa in 2005, and at the Field Institute in 2006. The main achievement of these past events has been that they have established an on-going dialog between two research communities who had been using different techniques to study similar mathematical problems. The two groups are algebraic combinatorialists who have been studying important and interesting G-modules, for finite groups G generated by reflections; and commutative algebraists who have been studying resolutions and inverse systems in Gorenstein Artinian situations. Exploiting these connections, several new and interesting are now being studied, and it seems natural to exploit the expertise of both community. Each of the previous workshop has introduced new features in this dialog.